Tobacco flavoring

The popular tobacco flavors that will delight those looking to get rid of !

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  • Blond Tobacco

    Blond tobacco flavors are near the American tobacco flavor

  • Dark Tobacco

    A choice of dark tobacco flavors for realistic tobacco e liquid recipes.

  • Ry4 Tobacco

    The best Ry4 tobacco recipes are here to make a gourmet tobacco e liquid !

  • Tobacco Nuts

    The hazelnut, ideal marriage with tobacco flavors !

  • Honey Tobacco

    Honey softens tobacco flavors and makes gourmet e liquids

  • Fruit Tobacco

    Remembering shisha, the  fruity tobacco flavors make sweet and exotice e liquids

  • Pipe Tobacco

    The most aromatic tobacco flavors are pipe tobacco. Here you will find a wide choice for diy e liquid

  • Oriental Tobacco

    The specific taste of oriental tobacco is in this choice of tobacco flavors

  • Menthol Tobacco

    For fans of menthol cigarettes, we offer this choice of menthol tobacco flavors for satisfying diy e liquids

  • Cigar

    Cigar flavors are very popular for diyers. We offer here a complete selection of cigar and cigarillos flavors

  • Shisha

    If you are looking for very flavored tobacco flavor, shisha version, you are in the right place !

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