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Joy - E-Motions Flavour Art Concentrate Flavor

A concentrated flavor very powerful to bring you joy by bringing you back to the donuts of fairgrounds, hot, sweet and slightly caramelized.

A flavor that must be dosed with great moderation and give it a sufficient maturation time.
Test a few drops added to cinnamon danish swirl, you will be very surprised.

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Livraison 24/48h

Livraison 24/48h

Diy concentrate flavor JOY FlavourArt E-Motions Range

  • Donuts fairgrounds, slightly caramelized

     Joy is a concentrate created by FlavourArt to facilitate diy, proposing complex and ready for use recipes.

     A gourmet concentrate evoking donuts fairgrounds, sweet but not too much, slightly caramelized.

          → Recommended dosage: 2-3%

Our Review: This flavor is faithful, it effectively gives the taste of donut and sugar that is found in fairgrounds. More donut than churros, this concentrate is just astonishing.

Flavour Art Concentrate 10ml
Made in Italy
Composition: Food flavorings, PG, alcohol


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