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  • Capella Flavors Drops

    Capella Flavors Drops are american diy flavors. They contain no preservatives, no potassium sorbate, no sugar, saccharin or aspartame, no caffeine, no sodium. They are guaranteed without gluten and diacetyl, some without acetyl propionyl and acetoin.

  • Concentrated Flavors

    Concentrated Flavors range is manufactured in China, tobacco flavorings based with tobacco extracts and tobacco absolute, very focused and realistic.
    We do not doubt that some of you know perfectly that range.
    These tobacco flavors are very concentrated, we urge you to respect the indicated dosages and to allow sufficient maturation time. Thus, a bottle will last an eternity.

  • Flavor West

    Flavor West are american diy flavors guaranteed without diacetyl. Often used in high dosages, you must be moderate for a better rendering. Let us guide you !

  • Flavour Art

    Well known from diyers, FlavourArt is a renowned Italian manufacturer, at the forefront of research and offering concentrate flavors for e liquid.
    These flavors adapted to vape are food grade and can also flavor desserts, yogurts or drinks.

  • LorAnn Oils and Flavors

    LorAnn Oils are american diy flavors, guaranteed without diacetyl, gluten and sugar, for some totally natural. The LorAnn flavors offered here are specifically intended for vape.

  • Mom and Pop

    Mom and Pop are american diy flavors for gourmet and tobacco e liquid which are sufficient in themselves. All tobacco flavors are tobacco absolute or tobacco extract to feel their authenticity. They are guaranteed without diacetyl.

  • Revolute

    Neutral and nicotine Revolute bases are USP grade, made in France. They are guaranteed pure, without water nor alcohol and no funky taste.

  • Tasty Puff Flavoring

    Tasty Puff are american diy flavors at first for tobacco. It is also possible to use them in our e liquid. They consist of plant extracts, fruits and spices, PG, food coloring and water.

  • The Perfumer's Apprentice

    The Perfumer's Apprentice, specialist of diy flavors and fragrances, based in California, USA. Well known and widely used by DIYers, these flavors are now essential.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items