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Capella Sweet Mango Flavor

The true flavor of mango in this very powerful natural Capella flavor, which offers a ripe fruit taste to sublimate the exotic recipes.

By dosing it in a way that it does not stifle the neighboring flavors, this mango is a pure nectar added !

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Livraison 24/48h

Livraison 24/48h

CAPELLA Flavor Sweet Mango

  • A sweet and natural mango

Mango is a fleshy fruit, dark yellow. It is creamy and sweet, providing a taste of peach and flower.

Exotic fruit fans are overwhelmed by this generous natural Capella Mango flavor that can also embellish many recipes.

Try a chocolate mango sweetness, an ice cream with mango and almond, a rum cocktail, mango, lime ...

Recommended dosage : 12 - 15 %

Mango diy e liquid recipe :

Dropper bottle 9ml - reconditioned

Made in USA
Composition : Natural flavored, PG, alcohol
Diacetyl free


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