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Latakia Flavor by CF

Latakia is a variety of oriental tobacco, fire-dried, dark flavor, slightly acidic and smoked...

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Livraison 24/48h

Livraison 24/48h

Concentrated Flavors Latakia Tobacco concentrate

  • A dark tobacco that pairs very well with Burley and Virginia

     * Our review: a subtle oriental tobacco flavor, very deep, which requires a sufficient maturation time to reveal itself.

This Latakia flavor contains tobacco absolute and extract

Recommended dosage : 5%

Latakia 4%
English Toffee 3%
Caramel 3%

Dropper-bottle 7ml - reconditioned

Made in China
Composition : Natural (tobacco absolute/extract) & artificial flavored, alcohol
Concentrated Flavors are ultra strength flavors, diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, acetoin free