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Well known from diyers, Flavour Art is a famous Italian manufacturer, at the forefront of research and offering concentrate flavors for e liquid.
Food grade flavors also for desserts, yogurts or drinks, and of course for vape diy.

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Flavour Art

Flavourart Flavor Reviews

Flavour Art has a special place in the world of vape.

Italian manufacturer of food flavorings, Flavour Art has invested heavily in research into the health impact of electronic cigarettes.

In the light of the Clearstream-Life study carried out in 2012 on the cytotoxicity of vapor or the Clearstream study, this time focusing on the effects of passive vapor.

Today, Flavour Art is pursuing this same approach with the Clearstream Onward Project combining studies on electronic cigarettes and testing of flavors and concentrates proposed by the firm.

The seriousness of this manufacturer can in no case be questioned. He is certainly one of those who fiercely helped the development of this alternative and militated in favor of its promotion for the protection of smokers.

You will find on our website their Artist's Touch and E Motions concentrate flavors

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