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Flavour Art is an Italian manufacturer offering a wide range of basic flavors. They also offer specific ranges of concentrated flavors for easy diy recipes.
You will find in this category the concentrated flavors Flavour Art, reference brand in the world of the vape

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  • A powerful dark and spicy tobacco flavor
    En stock
    Flavourart Storm - Oriental tobacco e liquid flavor

                DLUO DISCOUNTStorm is a singular tobacco concentrate, a deep dark tobacco with spicy notes. The result is an unique tobacco flavor that is likely to seduce oriental tobacco fans. Use: 2-3% Steeping: Give it a two weeks steep Pairs well with: Can be used in complex e liquid recipes

    3,14€ 4,49€ -30%
  • Euphoria E-Motions - FlavourArt
    Out of stock
    FlavourArt Euphoria - For a shisha e liquid

             DLUO DISCOUNTA round of tropical fruit flavors take you first to conclude with subtle notes of tobacco on exhale. A complex concentrate that will delight fans of shisha Use: 2-3% Steeping: Give it a 2-3 weeks steep

    2,25€ 4,49€ -50%

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