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Best Vape Flavors

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  • Pink Man Vampire Vape
    In stock
    Vampire Vape Pinkman flavor concentrate

    PinkMan e juice flavour is a delight of citrus. Vampire Vape has designed a perfectly balanced recipe, counterbalancing the sweet lemon with the other fruits to avoid any bitterness. Use: 15% Steeping: Give it some days steep


  • Aroma Calipitter Chow 10ml
    Best Seller - In stock
    Calipitter Chow Mom and Pop - For the best gourmet e...

    This Mom and Pop concentrate is exceptional by its gourmet rendering, evolving between sweet and salty, like a captivating creamy and milky dessert. Awesome stuff! Use: 5-10% Steeping: Give it two weeks steep


  • Pink Man Vampire Vape
    In stock
    Heisenberg Flavour Concentrate - Vampire Vape

    Is there anise in this Vampire Vape Heisenberg concentrate ? Well, no. This e liquid concentrate is just very fresh with fruity notes, atypical, bringing a strong throat hit sensation. Use: 15% Steeping: Give it some days


  • Weed flavor
    En stock
    Mary Jane Flavour - Cannabis e-liquid recipe (11ml)

    We could say that it is a pure weed flavor but we will not go that far. This mary jane flavor finds its full value in diy recipes to give a slightly herbaceous taste to liquids Use: 8-15% Steeping: Give it a two weeks steep Pairs well with: Tobaccos, Grape, Orange, Tangerine, Pineapple, Strawberry, Cheesecake


  • Menthol Crystals, Pure freshness !
    Natural - In stock
    Best Menthol crystals

    Looking for the strongest menthol juice ? Try menthol crystals ! Made from the essential oil of peppermint, this natural product provides a feeling of extreme freshness. Simply let them melt to create the best menthol e liquid !


  • A perfect strawberry flavor for e cig A perfect strawberry flavor for e cig
    ***** Top 10 - In stock
    Strawberry Capella - Best Strawberry E juice (11ml)

    If you're searching for the real taste of strawberry fruit, this Capella flavor will be your favorite to make the best strawberry e liquid ! Use: 10-12% Steeping: Fruit flavors don't require steep time Strawberry pairs well with: Apple, Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon, Banana, Mint


  • An exclusive gourmet tobacco you'll never find on amazon !
    Online only
    ***** Top 10 - In stock
    Bob Passion Arom Team - Bobas Bounty Clone (11ml)

    Near the famous Boba's Bounty ejuice, Arom-Team offers you this Bob Passion, a gourmet tobacco concentrate. It may well become your all day vape... Use: 10-15% Steeping: Give it a one or two weeks steep


  • electronic cigarette liquid red astaire
    In stock
    Red Astaire Concentrate - T Juice

    In the family of atypical flavors, here is T Juice Red Astaire concentrate. A fruity concentrate blowing a wind of freshness. Tjuice best seller, will you resist its unique charm ? Use: 15% Steeping: Give it a week steep


  • Projet Lenny, awesome custard cereal flavor !
    ***** Top 10 - In stock
    Project Lenny Vape or Diy - Custard Cereal E juice Recipe...

    Vape Or Diy Project Lenny is a complex e liquid concentrate that combines everything you love in creamy vanilla recipes with a touch of cereal Use: 10-15% Steeping: Give it 48h minimum to a month


  • A natural flavor, taste of the famous red bull A natural flavor, taste of the famous red bull
    Natural Flavor - In stock
    Red Bull Energy Drink - Capella Flavors (11ml)

    You would like to find the natural taste of taurine in a can for a red bull vape juice ? On its own or in recipe, this DiY energy drink between bubble gum and strawberry candy brings a muscular vape ! Use: 15% Steeping: Give it one or two weeks steep Red Bull pairs well with: Perfect on its own but you can use it in recipe


  • Sweetness of fruit, exclusive and natural concentrate
    Online only
    ***** Top 10 - In stock
    UP ! Arom-Team - E liquid Clone Concentrate (11ml)

    UP is a concentrate flavor near Hype e liquid. Unique and refreshing recipe that delights many vapers. Let yourself be carried away by its fruit mystery! Use: 5-10% Steeping: You can enjoy it immediately


  • Capella Vanilla Custard Capella Vanilla Custard
    ***** Top 10 - In stock
    Capella Vanilla Custard (v1) - Custard Recipe (11ml)

    Looking to create a vanilla custard cream ? Not without the best Vanilla Custard e liquid concentrate !On its own or in recipe, you can't do without it for your vaping juices ! Use: 10% Steeping: one week minimum Vanilla custard pairs well with: Fruit, dessert, cakes, ice cream, beverages, tobacco


  • Searching for Coca flavor ? Searching for Coca flavor ?
    Natural Flavor - In stock
    Capella Cola - Best Cola E juice (11ml)

    Looking for the best coca cola flavor e juice, accurate and refreshing ? On its own or in recipe, it compliments e liquid with its inimitable taste. There are no bubbles but there's a pep's ! Use: 10-15% Steeping: Give it some days Cola pairs well with: Waffle, Caramel, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Berries


  • A gourmet tobacco concentrate
    Online only
    ***** Top 10 - In stock
    ONE Arom-Team - All day vape e juice (11ml)

    One is a gourmet tobacco concentrate that will join your favorite tobacco flavors, a light tobacco e juice with a hint of peanut. ONE step from all day vape! Use: 10-15% Steeping: Give it a week steep


  • A rich tobacco flavor near a famous brand
    Best Seller - In stock
    American Red Tobacco Flavor Concentrate by CF (11ml)
    CF - 1530

    This american tobacco flavor contains extract and absolute tobacco and will allow you to make a marlboro e juice Use: 3% Steeping: Give it a 2 or 3 weeks steep


  • Amazing Lemon Lime flavor Amazing Lemon Lime flavor
    En stock
    Lemon Lime Capella - Lime E juice (11ml)

    Capella Lemon Lime is a soda vape juice, famous lime drink, that allows easy cocktail recipe ! Use: 10% Steeping: Fruit flavors don't require steep time Pairs well with: Apple, Blueberry, Blackberry, Plum, Cherry, Strawberry, Exotic fruits


  • An amazing tobacco flavor, hazelnut coffee notes
    Best Seller - In stock
    Parliament by CF - Parliament Cigarettes (11ml)
    CF - 1507

    Near Parliament lights cigarettes, a strong tobacco taste, a touch of hazelnut, a hint of coffee but in discretion. The most realistic tobacco flavor! Use: 3% Steeping: Give it a 3 to 6 weeks steep


  • banana cream for e liquid banana cream for e liquid
    ***** Top 10 - In stock
    LorAnn Oils Banana Cream (11ml)

    If you're searching the great taste of a banana cream to make subtle banana cake vape juice recipes, you've just found it! Use: 10-15% Steeping: You can enjoy it immediately Banana cream pairs well with: Cream, Milk, Chocolate, Honey, Caramel, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Strawberry, Pineapple, Coconut, Mango, Raspberry, Orange, Grape


  • A shisha without tobacco !
    Shisha by CF - Shisha cigarette (11ml)
    CF - 1505

    A tobacco concentrate with hint of apple and cherry, ending on subtle fruit notes. A shisha tobacco e juice to enjoy! Use: 3% Steeping: Give it a 3 or 4 weeks steep


  • A sublime Ry4 tobacco flavor
    Best Seller - In stock
    RY4 Tobacco Mom and Pop - Vanilla Caramel Tobacco E juice...

    Would you like to taste one of the best RY4 flavors ? This RY4 is composed of 5 different flavours. It thus offers a perfect harmony between Virginia tobacco and a hint of vanilla and caramel. A beautiful success! Use: 5-8% Steeping RY4: Give it a 2 weeks steep minimum


Top Flavors of 2019

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