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Best Selling E-Liquid Flavor

Why continue vaping flavors that you don't enjoy?

Of course, the main purpose of each e-liquid is to produce vapor and deliver nicotine, but everything loses its meaning if you use an e-cigarette without truly enjoying the tastes that are unique to you.

Here's a selection of the most popular flavors for vaping.

These are the most favored flavors on our site, best DIY flavor brand, often a good indicator of the best e-liquid recipes for e-cigarettes.

The Best Flavors for DIY

Capella Flavors

capella flavor

Vape or Diy

vape or diy flavor

Mom and Pop

mom and pop flavor

T-Juice Flavor

tjuice concentrate

Super Concentrates

tobacco concentrates

Vampire Vape

vampire vape concentrate

And the selection is even broader for making your own e-liquid...

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