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Top Flavors of 2019

Finding the right liquid is important. After all, using a disappointing e juice can very quickly be tricky.

Why go on vaping tastes you don't enjoy ?

Of course, the purpose of each eliquid is to produce vapor and deliver nicotine, but everything loses its meaning if you use the electronic cigarette without really enjoying the tastes you like the most.

Here is a selection of the most popular flavors for vaping.

The favorite flavors on our website, often a good indicator for the best e liquid recipes for vaporizer.

You will undoubtedly find your favorite perfumes in this selection and will finally make a fully satisfying vape juice for an effective vape.

Best flavors for vapor

Capella Flavors

arome capella

Vape or Diy

arome vape or diy

Mom and Pop

arôme mom and pop

Arome T-Juice

tjuice concentrate

Super Concentrates

concentrés tabac

Vampire Vape

concentré vampire vape

And the choice is much more to make your own vape juice...

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