Gobiboulgaaaa Ice Cream flavor

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  • An exclusive Arom-Team flavor, specially designed for the vape veterans who are afraid of nothing ... but really nothing.

                  * Availability: 5 liters can

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Gobiboulgaaaaa Ice Cream - Arom-Team Exclusive

A full meal !!!

To effectively combat heat and avoid dehydration, Arom'Team has specially created for you this exclusive aroma including a complete meal in a simple ice.

Discover the unique flavor of grilled but dry sausage with its slightly soft but equally rigid french fries, underlined by a tasty sauce combining last year's egg and 1996 vintage sardine juice with delicate fragrance.

An extraordinary sensation at the inspiration, a slap of freshness slightly vinegar that comes to destroy the lungs just before an exhalation in the emergency, even allowing to discover the ultimate touch of peas, expertly dosed for a subtle relent.

pbusardo vaping

An aroma to fall for good, reversing before the toilet bowl that will mark forever an experience of the foul vape.

Arom-Team has done it for you and is delighted to let you taste the ultimate aromas to vomit only delivered in 5 liter can for the modest sum of 378 € - and do not rattle on the price before to have calculated the price per milliliter which is more than advantageous ... think twice.


* 5 liters can pre-order but immediate payment only by money order smiley-tongue-out.gif

Composition : unknown

This page is a joke. Do not worry about it. Smile ! smiley-wink.gif

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