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Revolute Nicotine Booster Le 20

How to use the Revolute nicotine booster ?

It's simple, just dilute it in a neutral base to get the desired nicotine dosage. Follow the chart, it's easy.

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 Nicotine Booster 20mg/ml unflavored - Nicotine Shots

On January 1, 2017, the French State implemented the European Directive on Tobacco Products regulating the sale of nicotine.

Thus, it is now forbidden to deliver nicotine products in containers greater than 10ml and more than 20mg / ml

What is nicotine booster ?

The nicotine booster is a 20mg/ml nicotine base in a 10ml bottle to be diluted in a neutral base to obtain a liquid of the desired dosage

What is the composition of nicotine booster ?

This Revolute nicotine booster consists of 50% Propylene Glycol and 50% Vegetable Glycerin (50 50 PGVG)

  • Propylen Glycol, USP grade
  • Nicotine for electronic cigarette from Germany

The 10ml bottle has a safety cap and a dropper.

Nicotine shot, how does it work ?

Revolute Booster 20mg allows you to make your e liquid by pouring the liquid nicotine in a neutral base - pure propylene glycol, pure vegetable glycerin or mix of the two - in order to obtain the desired dosage. Just follow the chart below to make your ejuice base :

Nicotine Booster Dosage

BaseDosageBoosterNeutral BaseNumber of needed booster
115ml16mg/ml92ml23ml10 bottles
115ml12mg/ml69ml46ml7 bottles
115ml9mg/ml51,8ml63,2ml6 bottles
115ml6mg/ml34,5ml80,5ml4 bottles
115ml3mg/ml17,3ml97,7ml3 bottles

Booster Revolute made in France


Nicotine liquid is a hazardous substance, irritating and toxic to the environment.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Observe the rules of use in your preparations (goggles, gloves).

Its use is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.
If cardiovascular or lung disease, the advice of a health professional is recommended.

Sale of nicotine base is prohibited to minors.

Electronic cigarettes do not fall within the category of aid to smoking cessation.
They are an alternative to tobacco chosen by the smokers wishing to reduce their consumption of tobacco cigarettes.

Although classified as a tobacco product under the EU Directive, vaporizers contain no tobacco and do not emit smoke.
Tobacco-induced diseases are mainly related to the inhalation of burnt tobacco.

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