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Base and Nicotine for diy 6mg/ml 50/50 Expand

  • To make an electronic cigarette e juice with nicotine, we offer this vape mixing kit containing a liquid base 50 50 and 4 bottles of Nicotine Booster (10ml each) to obtain a 6mg e liquid

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  • How to make 6mg nicotine e juice ?

    On January 1, 2017, the French State implemented the European Directive on Tobacco Products regulating the sale of nicotine.
    Thus, it is now forbidden to deliver nicotine products in containers greater than 10ml and more than 20mg / ml

    What does this Revolute nicotine pack contain ?

    We offer this Revolute pack which includes the necessary to make a 6mg nicotine vape juice.

    It contains :

    - An unflavored liquid base 50 50 PG-VG 115ml Revolute France, pure nicotine base without water or alcohol

    * PGVG = 50% Propylene glycol, USP grade, 50% vegetable glycerin

    - 4 bottles Booster Le 20 Revolute 10ml (nicotine 20mg/ml), to dilute in the unflavored base

    * Nicotine base Europe

    Origin: Revolute France

    How to make e liquid base for electronic cigarette ?

    The dosage to obtain a liquid base 6mg is 34.5ml Nicotine Booster for 80.5ml unflavored pgvg base 50/50

    Booster Le 20 Revolute is a nicotine liquid that allows you to make e-liquid DIY by pouring the nicotine in an unflavored base in order to obtain the desired grammage for your e cig juice.

    Nicotine Booster dosage

    Base Dosage Booster Unflavored
    Booster Le 20
    115ml 6mg/ml 34,5ml 80,5ml 4 bottles

    To change the nicotine strentgh of your base, use our booster calculator

    nicotine e juice

    DIY Tutorial homemade e liquid

    homemade e juice


    Nicotine is a hazardous substance, irritating and toxic to the environment.
    Keep out of reach of children and pets.
    Observe the rules of use in your preparations (goggles, gloves).

    Its use is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.
    If you suffer of cardiovascular or lung disease, the advice of a health professional is recommended.

    Sale of nicotine base is prohibited to minors.

    Electronic cigarettes do not fall within the category of aid to smoking cessation.
    They are an alternative to tobacco chosen by the smokers wishing to reduce their consumption of tobacco cigarettes.

    Although classified as a tobacco product under the EU Directive, vaporizers contain no tobacco and do not emit smoke.
    Tobacco-induced diseases are mainly related to the inhalation of burnt tobacco.

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    Bon produits

    Livraison rapide et produits encore un onéreux.

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    Tres bonne base


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    Très bien néanmoins un espace

    Très bien néanmoins un espace supplémentaire pour la flacon de base serait très utile pour mélanger directement la base et les boosters.

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    Très bien ne changer rien

    Ca fait plus de 3 ans que je prends les produits chez vous je suis toujours satisfait un peu perturber avec le nouveau conditionnement mais on va y si faire

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    Expédition rapide, le produit est très neutre. Seul le mélange est un peu long a faire pour obtenir le dosage en nicotine à 6mg. Mais ça se fait et ça reste pas cher!

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