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 Some milk in your coffee ? Expand

  • Want to make the best coffee cream e juice ?
    This concentrate combines the strength of a robust coffee with a hint of creamy milk!
  • Use: 5-8%
  • Steeping: Give it a week steep
  • Coffee pairs well with: Stand alone flavor you can also use in recipe

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  • Original coffee cream

    How to make coffee cream?

    Prepare a strong coffee. Add fresh cream or froth hot milk. Sweeten. Enjoy!

    What is Coffee Cream flavor?

    Enough coffee for those who love "just a hint of cream" and enough cream for milk fans, this Coffee Cream concentrate delights the taste buds.

    The best coffee flavor for e-liquid, perfectly balanced, to be enjoyed at leisure during your vape break.

    How to mix Coffee Cream flavor?

    • Preferably dose 15 to 20 drops for 10ml (about 5-8%) and adjust to your taste.

    What's the steeping time for a homemade Coffee Cream recipe?

    • We recommend a minimum steeping time of one week

    Is this concentrate only for E-cigarettes?

    Mom and Pop products are primarily food-grade. Therefore, you can use them in baking and other culinary applications.

    Mom and Pop Coffee Cream

    • Made in the USA
    • Composition: Natural and artificial flavors, PG (propylene glycol), Glycerin, Water
    • Guaranteed without diacetyl
    • 10ml dropper bottle packaged by Arom Team

    Arom Team Reviews (11)

    Rated 4.18 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 11 customer reviews

    très bien !!

    très bon , mais sûrement encore mieux en mélange , à essayer ...

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    Client vérifié

    Un vrai régal

    Le meilleur de tous les cafés goûtés jusqu'à maintenant
    Pour 10 ml (en 80/20 à 6 mg) : 23 gouttes + 3 gouttes de sweetener
    Attendre une dizaine de jours pour qu'il se développe pleinement (doux et sucré)

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    un peu leger

    un equilibre entre le cafe et la creme parfait?, mais a doser plus vers 25 gouttes que 15 et on obtient le meilleur arome cafe que j'ai goute a ce jour

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    Client vérifié

    Kfe crem

    Bon liquide un peu léger en 20 gts super avec mélange vanille costard

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    Client vérifié

    bien ! bien !

    plus doux que le cappuccino ! très bon !!!!

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