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Project Lenny Vape or Diy - Custard Cereal E juice Recipe (30/10ml)

  • Flavor : Vape Or Diy Project Lenny is a complex e liquid concentrate that combines everything you love in creamy vanilla recipes with a touch of cereal
  • Use: 10-15%
  • Steeping: Give it 48h minimum to a month

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Electronic Cigarette Flavor Vape or Diy Concentrate

For an awesome custard e juice !

     Project Lenny is a concentrate created by Revolute France to facilitate diy, proposing complex and ready for use recipes.

  • But what is Projet Lenny e liquid ?

     Do you like custard recipes ? Projet Lenny flavor is made for you !
It combines everything you love in creamy vanilla recipes with a subtle touch of cereals on exhale.

     A complex diy concentrate, pure delight, that can not leave you indifferent when you know how the Projet Lenny e liquid met with success and become an e cigarette liquid best seller in France.


Projet Lenny diy

  • What dosage for the Lenny Project concentrate ?

 → Recommended percentage: 10-15%

                    (45 drops for 10ml)

      Arom-Team Review: This concentrate is very successful, combining a milky and vanilla aspect to cereals.
      The result is a very sweet and smooth e juice liquid, tinted with cereals type oat.

      * Tip : We were surprised to pair this Projet Lenny Revolute to our Liberty or our Bob'Passion and got a very interesting gourmet tobacco mix for a relaxing vape.

  • What steeping time for the Project Lenny e juice ?

       A maturing time of a minimum of 48h and up to a month to really get closer to the original e liquid

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Vape or DIY Projet Lenny Product Details

  • 10 or 30ml Revolute glass bottle
  • Made in France
  • Composition: Food flavorings, PG (propylene glycol)
  • Must be diluted in DiY base

Vanilla Flavor, Dessert Flavor

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From fatih k. | 2017-05-16 14:10:33

my name is fatih from istanbul turkey
could you send Projet Lenny Concentrate Flavor to turkey?
is it possible?


We are shipping worldwide, there's no problem to send flavors to Turkey.

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