How to make your own e liquid for e cigs ?

It is not so difficult to create a e liquid, do not worry. Just nicotine, PG, VG, flavoring.

The Diy is not so difficult. It is affordable to everyone.

Think recipes will help you tremendously in creating the liquid that suits you best.
A list of ingredients, minimal equipment, and some assembly instructions.

Start with simple recipes and end with more complex recipes that meet your expectations. You will come with patience to create for yourself the extreme flavor, while making substantial savings.

Ingredients :

, if you wish it

Nicotine Booster

Note that some bases have a taste. Depending on the dosage, it will also have an impact on the flavor. For this reason, the taste from one palace to another can be very different.

Make sure you follow the recommended measures in the handling of nicotine.

PG or VG ?

PGVG base

Propylene glycol and / or vegetable glycerin will thinners your preparations.
Nicotine and flavors are very concentrated and should be diluted to get a nice mix.
Note that the PG is also a conservative.

There are differences between PG and VG. They have a different flavor, a different viscosity that impact on vaping sensations. Most e-liquids available on the market have a PG / VG ratio. The most common are 70/30, 50/50 or 30/70.

Most flavors are offered in PG. Some in alcohol. You can find this information in each product page on our site.

  •       Propylene glycol is a diol (organic chemical compound) for use in the food industry, tobacco, care products. It is used in topical, oral, injectable and inhaled by the pharmaceutical industry.

The PG does not alter the flavor unlike vegetable glycerin. It further provides a more consistent "hit" (contraction of the throat) , which for some can turn into a real irritation.

This phenomenon is rare but some users have developed an allergy to PG and now favor a larger ratio in VG.

  •       Vegetable glycerin (often derived from vegetable oils, coconut, soy ...) is soft, sweet but more viscous than PG.

    A high rate of VG permeate less rapidly wick and will tend to alter the flavors. That's why we recommend to increase the dosage of flavor if you use a basic high VG ratio.

However, the VG is now adopted by many vapers especially by users of dripper (without atomizer tank), fans of pretty clouds.


Diy Flavors

Of course, you'll need flavoring. We offer more than 250 flavors, tobacco, fruit, gourmet, menthol from various US manufacturers, well known for being specialized in vape.

They are free of diacetyl and for many, acetyl propionyl and acetoin to ensure safe use. Again, you will find detailed information at the bottom of each product.

Furthermore, we make sure to keep us informed of product developments and studies to ensure appropriate flavors.

Well, don't be afraid to start, with empty bottles, syringes, gloves and unleash your creativity.

The final advice we can give you is to start with simple recipes - we also show many recipes in each product as well as information on associations of flavors that could help you - and do not overdose flavors.

Indeed, an overdosed flavor will lead you to an immediate sickness, mistaking you for the product quality. Dosing wisely, you will avoid disappointment and save your money. An under-dosed flavor is editable. A overdosed flavor is lost.

Your turn now to create the best eliquid !

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