We are not going to write here that we are indifferent to what is happening right now in France. We ourselves are impacted by too many burdens, unfair regulations and prohibitive bans.

It is obvious that the feeling of the environment has also won us and that we share the general weariness.

Nor are we going to write that we are not directly affected by the current economic downturn. We also suffer but with a form of solidarity, without bitterness.

Until january, 10th midnight, we will make a discount on our site.
We will offer you a discount of 20% on all flavors with the UNION code (from 10€ purchase).

This discount is very different from all others. It is in solidarity to tell you that we understand the general ras-le-bol and to tell you to support us also in a delicate moment.

Contrary to what many people think, vape is not just profit.
Small businesses are essentially run by enthusiasts who are struggling to keep up with big groups.

They carry in their heart a will to fight for ecigarette because it has all its place in the society and the health.
They are happy to know that at every sale, they are taking part in a major change in their client's life. These are often ready to lose to help.

We do not offer VAT. We do not reverse it.
We offer you 20% pure discount to tell you that we too are fighting with you and hope for a better future.

Courage to all. Thank you for supporting us for almost 6 years.

Happy new year to all

Jacqueline - Arom-Team

* Exclusions: concentrates, bases and nicotine


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