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  • Would you like to taste one of the best strawberry cheesecake vape juice ?
    This Mom & Pop flavor will surprise you with its taste of juicy strawberry in a subtle pastry mix and a hint of vanilla.
  • Use: 8-10%
  • Steeping: Give it a two weeks steep
  • Strawberry cheesecake pairs well with: Standalone flavor but you can use it in recipe

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  • Strawberry pie recipe 

    Craving for a strawberry pie?

    - Vaping a strawberry pie? I'm interested, but won't it just taste like a simple strawberry flavor?

    - It's true that achieving balance in a recipe can be tricky, but this concentrate really captures the taste of a strawberry dessert on a bed of vanilla cream. It's truly a gourmet concentrate that makes an excellent e-liquid, but it requires a fairly long maturation time to fully reveal its flavor.

    How to prepare a strawberry pie recipe?

    • We recommend 15 to 20 drops for 10ml (approximately 8%), then adjust to your taste.

    What's the maturation time for a strawberry pie e-liquid?

    • A maturation time of 1 to 3 weeks is advised

    Is this Mom and Pop product only meant for e-cigarettes?

    Mom & Pop products are food-grade, so they can also be used in baking.

    Does this strawberry flavor contain diacetyl?

    The Mom and Pop brand guarantees flavors without diacetyl

    • Tip: As we also love raspberry, we've tried the Raspberry Pie. It's a true delight!

    Mom and Pops Strawberry Pie (Strawberry Cheesecake)

    • Made in the USA
    • Composition: Natural and artificial flavors, PG (propylene glycol), Glycerin, Water
    • 10ml dropper bottle packaged by Arom Team

    Arom Team Reviews (8)

    Rated 3.38 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 8 customer reviews

    très réaliste

    Grande fan de tartes aux fraises, je trouve cet arôme très fidèle. C'est ma petite gourmandise du soir car pas vapotable toute la journée, il est vrai que c'est un peu écoeurant. Dosé à 14 gouttes pour 10 ml, je testerai avec un peu moins pour voir si cela devient moins écoeurant.

    Cet avis vous a-t-il été utile ? Oui Non


    On retrouve bien un gout tarte mais léger et un bon gout de fraise, un peut écœurant pour moi mais bon.

    Cet avis vous a-t-il été utile ? Oui Non

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