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Capella Graham Cracker v2 Flavor (11/13ml)

Graham Cracker flavor, the complex taste of a cake tinted with butter, cinnamon, honey, molasses and a hint of vanilla.
It's easy to use this concentrate. It sublimes all e-liquid DIY recipes.

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Capella flavor Graham Cracker V2

A rich cereal flavor with vanilla and spice

     It is obviously possible to use this Graham Cracker Capella on its own but it's not really a standalone vape flavor.

What is Graham Cracker ?

It's a sublime additive in e liquid recipe, making a slightly spicy touch and compliment other flavors.
But the Graham Cracker flavor description is difficult.   

This crispy, spicy biscuit taste goes perfectly with Vanilla custard, Dulce de Leche, Apple Pie flavors, fruit and even tobacco aromas.
The first simple thing, try Graham Cracker with chocolate.

Why is this Capella flavor so important in e-liquid diy ?

Capella Graham Cracker is an essential addition to any dessert recipe, a true must-have flavour to make e juice.

You will definitely adopt it by incorporating it your DIY recipes, being careful not to overdose it.

Reviews you'll find below confirm its major place in e-cigarette recipes knowing that it can also flavor cupcake recipes dessert or make graham cracker ice cream.

How to dose this Graham flavour ?

          → Recommended percentage: 10%

What is the steeping time for a graham cracker e-liquid ?

Give this flavor a week steep    

    * Tip: Acetyl pyrazine is an excellent Graham Cracker alternative

Graham Cracker e liquid recipe :

Diy e liquid recipe graham cracker capella

     ** Boba's bounty Clone diy recipe

          - Graham Cracker : 12 drops
          - Coconut : 5 drops
          - Double RY4 : 5 drops
          - Cinnamon Danish Swirl : 3 drops
          - SuperSweet : 1 drop

Dropper-bottle 11ml conditioned by Arom'Team or 13ml from Capella

High-quality food flavor made in the USA
Diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, acetoine, sugar, aspartame, gluten-free

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