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TFA Mary Jane Flavor

  • Flavor: We could say that it is a pure weed flavor but we will not go that far. This mary jane flavor finds its full value in diy recipes to give a slightly herbaceous taste to liquids
  • Use: 8-15%
  • Steeping: Give it a two weeks steep
  • Pairs well with: Tobaccos, Grape, Orange, Tangerine, Pineapple, Strawberry, Cheesecake

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Mary Jane flavor e liquid - The Perfumer's Apprentice

  • What to say ?... weed flavor ?

The mirage of a marijuana-like flavor titillates manufacturers for years and The Perfumer's Apprentice is trying it with this mary jane flavor e liquid.

MaryJane offers a herbaceous taste that will appeal to some and come in original complement of complex recipes, subtle ally of fruits.

How to make mary jane e juice ?

 → Recommended percentage :  8 - 15%
       24 drops = 1ml = 10% for 10ml

What is the steeping time for a weed flavored vape juice ?

Give this flavour a 2 weeks steep

Mary Jane recipes :

mary jane e juice recipe

  * Pineapple in french = ananas

The Flavor Apprentice Mary Jane Product Details

  • Made in the USA
  • Composition : Natural and artificial flavored, PG (propylene glycol), alcohol
  • Dropper bottle 7ml conditioned by Arom-Team

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