Capella Vanilla Custard v1 - Vanilla custard e liquid (11ml)

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Perfect vanilla custard flavor ! Expand

  • Looking to create a vanilla custard e juice ? Not without the best Vanilla Custard e liquid concentrate !
    On its own or in recipe, you can't do without it for your vaping juices !
  • Use: 10%
  • Steeping: one week minimum
  • Vanilla custard pairs well with: Fruit, dessert, cakes, ice cream, beverages, tobacco

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Best vanilla custard e juice

How to use this Vanilla Custard v1 ?

Whether you want to compose vanilla custard desserts as a vanilla custard pie recipe or a fruity recipe like strawberry vanilla custard e juice, this concentrate quickly becomes the best e cigarette custard and cream flavor.

Grants vanilla custard
             Grants Vanilla Custard

Capella Vanilla Custard v1 percentage

  • Recommended dosage: 10%
  • 24 drops = 10% for 10ml

How long to steep a vanilla custard eliquid ?

Is this vanilla flavour intended only for vaping use ?

  • This Capella vanilla is a food grade flavor that you can use in pastry, ice cream or yogurts, in drinks.

Does vanilla custard contain diacetyl ?

Diacetyl is a chemical compound used in the food industry to create creamy, buttered flavors.

It is part of a group called diketones, which also includes acetyl propionyl and acetoin.

Diacetyl is used without problem in food and present in tobacco cigarettes at a rate 10 to 100 times higher than in vapor.

Nevertheless, the vape industry has preferred to remove these substances from their products as a precautionary measure.

 Capella Flavors guarantees all its aromas without diacetyl.

Capella Custard v1 or v2 ?

It's up to you to choose the version that best suits your taste buds

We also tried Vanilla Custard v2 flavor

Vanilla custard tobacco

vanilla e juice recipe with capella vanilla custard

Vanilla Custard Capella - Custard flavor

  • High-quality food flavoring made in the USA
  • Composition : Artificial flavors, PG (propylene glycol), water
  • Diacetyl free, sugar-free, aspartame free, gluten-free
  • Dropper bottle 11ml - conditioned by Arom Team
  • This product must be diluted in a base

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Rated 4.85 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 138 customer reviews
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La V2 plus sure

Lui préférer la version 2 (Vanilla Custard V2) également de Capella qui ne contiens ni Acetoin, ni Acetyl Propionyl. Lien de la version 2 :

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Vanilla Custard V1

tout simplement GENAIL ...........perso j' y ajoute 1/5 de caramel mous et je trouve cela délicieux......... dans une base 50/50 pour la nicotine , à vous de voir mais je vous conseil d' en mettre un minimum pour l' arome ....
bonne v@p à tous

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Très bien

Très bien

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custard capella

excellent produit tout seul ou en recettes

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Très bonne vanille

Pas trop de sucrée, très réaliste. Le goût s'estompe cependant avec le temps.

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