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  • A complex blend of tobacco, clove and a unique aromatic sauce, a perfect Kretek e liquid
  • Use: 3%
  • Steeping: Give it a 4-6 weeks steep and more

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  • Djarum clove cigarettes

    Kreteks, often referred to as clove cigarettes, are Indonesian cigarettes made from a complex blend of tobacco, cloves, and aromatic "sauce".

    Arom-Team's review: An aromatic tobacco flavor that requires a significant steeping time to reveal its subtlety.
    Tested with added vanilla, wow!

    This flavor comes close to this specialty and contains tobacco extract and tobacco absolute with no nicotine (or smoke)!

    Furthermore, it's highly concentrated, allowing you to create an affordable yet premium-quality e-liquid.

    What's the recommended dosage for Djarum clove tobacco flavor?

    • Recommended Percentage: 3%
    • 12 drops = 5% for 10ml

      * At 3% dosage, you can make over 200ml of Djarum liquid with a single bottle

    What's the steeping time for making Kretek e-liquid?

    • Tobacco flavors require a fairly long steeping time. Allow this flavor to steep for 4 to 6 weeks.

    Clove tobacco - Djarum Super Concentrated Flavors

    • Manufactured in China
    • Composition: Natural flavors (tobacco extract/absolute) & artificial - alcohol
    • Concentrated Flavors are ultra-concentrated flavors, guaranteed without diacetyl, without acetyl propionyl, without acetoin
    • 10ml dropper bottle packaged by Arom Team

    Arom Team Reviews (5)

    Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 5 customer reviews


    Oui, le arom est, comme un cigaret...le plus similaire.

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    Client vérifié

    The best ever

    The best ever

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    comme original

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    Testé en mélange avec vanille custard, et quelques gouttes de rhum jamaicain et de miel, ou avec vanille et banane.
    Une note curieuse mais agreable et addictive deja après 2 semaines de steep .
    J'en recommande direct !

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    sans problème

    sans problème

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