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You wonder what are the best e juice flavors ?

It seems obvious to us that the best DIY flavors are those that will allow you to let your creativity run wild while making substantial savings. So, all the flavors available are potentially the best according to the tastes of each one. But no aroma will be unanimous because these tastes are our own.

The combinations of flavors for electronic cigarettes are endless. This is why you will find at Arom Team a large choice for diy e liquid, evolving between tobacco flavors, natural, fruity, gourmet flavors, base and nicotine booster, able to reach the preferences of each.
You will find the best vape aromas to be able to make your own e liquid, with or without nicotine, and finally, your unavoidable liquid, one or more customized homemade all day vape.

The best flavors for e cigarette are therefore those that best meet your personal tastes, from your favorite fruits to your sins of gluttony to make your e juice.

Whether you're a confirmed vaper, expert in eliquid flavoring and complex recipes, or just looking to add a new intensity to your usual liquid, you're in the right place.
Here you will find a wide selection of flavors dedicated to vape of the most famous manufacturers in the world.

Our DIY flavors

Natural Flavors

arome naturel

Vanilla Flavoring

arome vanille liquide

Coffee Flavors

arômes du café

Chocolate Flavors

histoire du chocolat

Gourmet Flavors


Mint Flavour

menthe sauvage

Drink Flavors

boisson gazeuse

Cinnamon Flavour

cannelle recette

Fruit Flavours

fruits de saison

First step in vape adventure ?

Our tips to make your liquid a success

faire son eliquide

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