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Oriental Tobacco

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  • Turkish, an oriental tobacco flavor
    Best Seller - In stock
    Turkish by CF - E cigarette liquid Camel (11ml)
    CF - 1520

    This Turkish tobacco cigarettes concentrate is a mixture of tobacco varieties with a very aromatic taste, sweet and somewhat spicy which is appreciated on its own as a camel cigarette ecigs taste Use: 3% Steeping: Give it a 3 to 6 weeks steep


  • Unique aromatic tobacco flavor
    Djarum S by CF - Kreteks (11ml)
    CF - 1534

    A complex blend of tobacco, clove and a unique aromatic sauce, on the line of Kretek cigarettes Use: 3% Steeping: Give it a 4-6 weeks steep and more


  • An exotic smooth and spicy tobacco flavor
    Flavor West Ankara Tobacco - Oriental tobacco (11ml)

    A mild tobacco taste with a hint of honey and spices for an excellent turkish tobacco e juice Use: 3-5% Steeping: Give it a two or three weeks steep


Oriental Tobacco E liquid

turkish tobacco

Oriental tobacco is a very small-leaved plant, grown on very arid soils and air-cured for a period of about one quarter, until a slight brown coloration is obtained.

The very aromatic taste of oriental tobacco, a tobacco of Mediterranean origin, is characterized by sweet and spicy notes.

In an e liquid, the oriental tobacco flavor is also very aromatic, based on tobacco absolute giving it a very deep taste.

Arom'Team offers in this category the best turkish tobacco flavors, very often used in English blends.


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