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Are e-cigarette flavoring really dangerous ?

The media are trying to spread their articles on the dangerousness of e liquid flavoring. But are there flavors more dangerous than others? Are the alerts viable and should we really sort the fragrances of our electronic cigarettes?
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What about diacetyl in e liquid ?

The media regularly emphasize the presence of diacetyl in electronic cigarette e juices. But what is the truth of their claims? In 2018, we can make a precise point on the use of diacetyl in e liquids and its effects on health.
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Make your own e liquid

DIY e juice has the particularity of responding to the personal taste of each vaper. It's not just a simple way to save money on buying ready-made liquids. It is also a fun adventure in the land of tastes that captivates and pushes you to go further in exploration. It is as simple as it is amusing.
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