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Best Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor

Which Tobacco Flavor for DIY?

The best tobacco e-liquid offers no similarity to smoking but comes closer to the flavors of a blond, brown, or oriental tobacco.
Sometimes, it further enhances its realism when its aroma contains tobacco extract or absolute.

A genuine tobacco e-liquid is the one that satisfies you while making you forget the smoke of a cigarette, the one that makes you say, "Why didn't I try a DIY tobacco recipe before?"

If you're wondering how to make a tobacco liquid, whether you're looking for a electronic cigarette tobacco flavor with the taste of a mild cigar or a blond tobacco, Arom Team offers you the most realistic flavors for a DIY recipe leading to a tobacco flavored e-liquid.

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And if you're lacking inspiration for a genuine tobacco flavored e-liquid...

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Tobacco Flavors: Best Sellers

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