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DIY Tobacco Recipe

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For the best tobacco e liquid

DIY Tobacco Flavors

What is the best DIY tobacco for electronic cigarette ?

We are all looking for tastes that come close to cigarettes, cigars and pipe. But we decided to get rid of a bad habit and know that burnt tobacco delivers a unique taste.

Tobacco flavor for e-liquids brings no similarity to this smoked taste but is more similar to natural tobacco, whether blond, black or oriental.
Sometimes, it reinforce its realism when it contains tobacco extracts or tobacco absolute.

The best tobacco flavor e juice is the one that will fill you up while making you forget the cigarette smoke, the one that will make you say "but why I have not tested a diy tobacco recipe before ?"

If you wonder what is the best tobacco e juice for electronic cigarettes, whether you are looking for a sweet and fruity cigar or a marlboro e-liquid, here you will find the most realistic flavors for tobacco recipe bringing to a satisfying e liquid diy.

> Gourmet tobacco flavor
> RY4 tobacco flavor
> Pipe tobacco flavor
> Cigar flavor


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