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Dessert Recipe : the Best Gourmet Flavors E juice

If your greed is also reflected in a taste of vaping, you will be delighted to find in this category the most gourmet e liquid flavors for electronic cigarette.

The requirement of this delicacy is often found in creamy, milky and pastry flavors which allow the homemade manufacture of dessert recipe for a complex and fine gourmet ejuice.
The choice is large and difficult but it's a safe bet that you will find here the ingredients that will allow you to create a custom e liquid, perhaps far from the taste of fruit or tobacco, but surely close to the expected sweetness.

Cinnamon Flavor

la cannelle

Vanilla Flavor

arome vanille liquide

Coffee Flavors

arômes du café

What to think about diacetyl in vaping juice ?

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