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Arom Team E juice Concentrate

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  • An exclusive gourmet tobacco you'll never find on amazon !
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    Bob Passion Arom Team - Bobas Bounty Clone (11ml)

    Near the famous Boba's Bounty ejuice, Arom-Team offers you this Bob Passion, a gourmet tobacco concentrate. It may well become your all day vape... Use: 10-15% Steeping: Give it a one or two weeks steep


  • A gourmet tobacco concentrate
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    ***** Top 10 - In stock
    ONE Arom-Team - All day vape e juice (11ml)

    One is a gourmet tobacco concentrate that will join your favorite tobacco flavors, a light tobacco e juice with a hint of peanut. ONE step from all day vape! Use: 10-15% Steeping: Give it a week steep


  • Sweetness of fruit, exclusive and natural concentrate
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    UP ! Arom-Team - E liquid Clone Concentrate (11ml)

    UP is a concentrate flavor near Hype e liquid. Unique and refreshing recipe that delights many vapers. Let yourself be carried away by its fruit mystery! Use: 5-10% Steeping: You can enjoy it immediately


  • tobacco flavor with a hint of vanilla
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    LIBERTY Arom-Team - Oriental Tobacco E liquid (11ml)

    Liberty, a flavor concentrate vape, a must-have spicy tobacco for an original electronic cigarette e liquid ! Use: 10-12% Steeping: Give it a week steep minimum


  • An exotic fruity round !
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    EXOTIX Arom-Team - A tropical cocktail (11ml)

    Exotix is a flavor concentrate, an exotic fruit round for a dreamy e juice and a relaxing vape. Try its subtlety! Use: 10-15% Steeping: You can enjoy it immediately


  • An instant freshness flavor !
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    AGAPE Exclusive Arom-Team - Kringle's Curse Clone

    Inspired by Kringle's Curse, Agape is a subtle flavor, a balance between a sweet mint and a punchy menthol for instant freshness. Hope you will be agape ! Use: 10-15% Steeping: You can enjoy it immediately


  • Gobiboulgaaaa Ice Cream
    Gobiboulgaaaa Ice Cream flavor
    Money !!!

    An exclusive Arom-Team flavor, specially designed for the vape veterans who are afraid of nothing ... but really nothing.                  * Availability: 5 liters can


Arom Team E liquid Flavor Concentrates

Arom'Team offers in this category exclusive concentrated flavors, original creations of our team, reflections of our experience in e liquid diy.
Now famous in the world of vape, these fruity or gourmet concentrates have won the heart of many vapers

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