Here are Arom'Team answers to frequently asked questions from our customers


         - I want to use your flavors in food. Is it risky?

The flavors proposed on this site are above all aromas intended for food and subsequently adapted to electronic cigarette.

Their primary use is therefore food, which can therefore flavor yogurts, enter into the composition of a cake or even perfume drinks.

There is no more danger with these aromas than with the aromas available in supermarket.
On the contrary, the products proposed on this site are devoid of certain controversial substances.

- Why do you offer reconditioned bottles when the bottles manufacturers are available?

We have always aimed to offer flavors at attractive prices. Now, the only way to bring down the cost of each product is to offer it in smaller packaging.

Our catalog is always consistent and, hopefully enticing. Offering many flavors in reasonable size and therefore discounted allows to test new flavors without breaking the bank, even if it must be admitted that this repackaging is a considerable workload.

In addition, some manufacturers do not issue appropriate vials.

Such is the case for Flavor WestConcentrated Flavors and The Perfumer's Apprentice.

The Mom and Pop flavors are on their site in bottles of 10ml $ 6.95, or € 6.20.

The LorAnn Oils bottles have a capacity of less than 4 ml.

Arom'Team fights for the DIY accessible to all, including beginners, without penalizing anyone with a prohibitive cost.

Capella Flavors, Perfumer's Apprentice, LorAnn Oils, Flavor West, Mom and Pop and Concentrated Flavors are directly ordered from the manufacturers' headquarters in the United States.
They are reconditioned by us at reception without any intermediary.

- Why your nicotine bases are only in 115ml bottles ?

We have chosen not to offer big bottles for not sacrificing the quality of products.

And to be honest, we did not want to get into the game inventory prior legislation, considering that this approach could undermine the commitment to fight for the electronic cigarette.

Some will argue that we have lost customers.
We reply that we have not wanted to take advantage of the difficulties and are invested in defending the rights of vapers.

Moreover, decrees published in August 2016 in France will now allow the flow of the remaining stocks for a few months before obligation to offer only basic 10ml nicotine bottles.

Again, it would seem that we should continue to fight all together, time is running out.

- I want superior packaging, what do you propose?

We would like to satisfy all requests but we limit the bottles offered on the site because of our structure.

Similarly, we can not process special orders or pre-orders, only the products offered online are available.

- I am disappointed not to find everything I need on the same site.

Since our creation, our vocation is the Diy. We never focus our activity on the electronic cigarette specifically.

Our customers are just as many users of this device that people looking for quality food flavorings.
We propose all that is needed for preparations.

- I'm searching for a specific flavor that I do not find here.

Please let us know it by email. You might be surprised by our responsiveness.

Payment :

- I tried to order but the payment is denied

We offer the possibility to pay by credit card via Credit du Nord (french bank) secured platform.

In case of technical problems, you have to contact your bank.

Delivery :

- I'm surprised of the prices for postage, can be cheaper.

Our basic price is 1.75 € for sending letter with tracking in France.

For Europe, our basic price is 2,60€ without tracking.

A consignment of 500 grams is charged € 6.40 per Colissimo France.
We chose to opt for a fixed price, taking our load all higher package to 500 grams.

We adapted a package for each European area, knowing that the international french post prices ... are frightening!

Again, we will pay to overload. For example, a parcel sent to Switzerland charged € 7.90 actually cost us more than 14 €.
Note further that we all depend of changing postal rates.

- I just ordered, when will I receive my products?

We make every effort to process your order as soon as possible.

Your order will be shipped the same day (except Wednesdays and weekends) if you ordered before 14h.

Postal delivery is usually done in 48 hours in France, 3-7 days in Europe - although this area is no longer dependent on our will.

- My order shipped, you sent me a tracking number but the Post's website says nothing.

We are all victims of many dysfunctions of our postal services.

Although orders are processed mostly within 24 hours and normally deposited at the Post Office, it happens that the mail is not flashed by their services and therefore do not benefit from tracking.

However, we know that your order will be processed normally and reach its destination, but without tracking ...

- Post tells me to have delivered my package but I have received nothing.

We are totally clueless to the delivery problems caused by post or Colissimo and can in no way act.

We can only direct you to their customer service and file a claim by insisting on compensation.

We remain at your disposal for any questions.
Simply send us a message, we will answer you:



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