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 VG Nicotine Base - PG VG E-liquid Base

Liquid Base

Some ingredients will be essential to make a liquid, including what are called diluents.

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are the major components of all e liquids.

PG VG e-liquid base and nicotine boosters for electronic cigarettes allow you to make your e liquids.

In fact, it is sufficient to associate the one with the other to obtain an e liquid base or 50 pg vg nicotine base, in which you will add one or more flavors to obtain a customized e-juice.

If you are wondering which brand is the best, we advise you a nicotine base liquid without parasitic taste, pure, undiluted water or alcohol and pharmaceutical grade.

The Revolute brand meets all these criteria, guarantee of quality for the vapers and reasons why Arom Team opted for this vape base.

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