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  • E liquid Base Revolute 30/70 unflavored for e cigarette diy

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Electronic cigarette Base 30/70 - Revolute

What does this 30/70 base bottle contain?

The 30 70 Revolute base is a blend of 30% propylene glycol and 70% vegetable glycerine.

This ratio 30/70 is particularly popular with vapers who feel a certain sensitivity to propylene glycol and want to prepare a liquid without too much PG, less irritating.

It can collect flavors or concentrate as well as nicotine to make an e cigarette liquid.

What are the advantages of a 3070 e-liquid base?

Each ingredient brings its specificity to your liquid preparation.

- Propylene glycol or PG:

  • is known to provide a "hit" or contraction of the throat much sought after by vapers
  • makes vegetable glycerine more liquid
  • at reduced ratio, avoids a potential allergy while keeping its properties

- Vegetable glycerin or VG:

  • does not induce a sensitivity like propylene glycol
  • sweetens the flavors but with a high ratio tends to reduce them.
    It is therefore advisable to slightly increase the dosage of flavors when the base is mainly composed of glycerin
  • is known to produce a denser vapor

* Note that this neutral base also allows you to make a liquid without nicotine, if wished

PG Intolerance

pg allergy symptoms

Liquid base 30/70 Revolute

  • USP grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.
  • Revolute bases do not contain water or alcohol.
  • 115ml bottle with safety cap and dropper.
  • Origin: France

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Top site

J'adore ce site les jus sont vraiment super super bon

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Très bien

Bonne base, douce, se mélange bien au arômes et boosteurs.

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Rapidité d'expédition et bonne qualité des produits ... à recommander

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Très bon base

Très bon base

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Produit conforme

Pas encore testé, en steep, mais habituée au 50/50 donc il ne devrait pas y avoir de mauvaises surprises!

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