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Nicotine base calculator : choose a nicotine strength precisely

Depending on the neutral base volume you want to use, this e juice nicotine calculator helps you estimate the number of boosters you need to dilute to make your nicotine base.

Starting from the nicotine level you have and combining the neutral base volume at your disposal and the nicotine dose you want to achieve, you get the required nicotine and neutral base volume and the number of boosters to dilute.

If you are new to the do it yourself ecigarette, we recommend you to read our guide "Make your vape juice in 5 minutes"

E juice calculator

How to calculate nicotine in e juice ?

Choose the nicotine strength you want with the DiY ejuice calculator

I have nicotine dosed at... (mg/ml)

I have... neutral base (ml)

I want nicotine dose at... (mg/ml)

To make my e liquid base :

I need ... nicotine (ml)

I get a nicotine base of ... (ml)

I need this number of boosters - (0 corresponding
         1 bottle of 10ml)

Since January 2017 in France, the sale of nicotine can only be carried out in 10ml bottle for a maximum rate of 20mg / ml.
To make a nicotine base, it is necessary to dilute this or these bottles of nicotine in a neutral base to obtain the grammage that you want.

The ejuice calculator above allows you to accurately assess the dosages required depending on the desired nicotine level, the amount of neutral base and the number of boosters required.

Nicotine booster

Booster Revolute

The neutral base consisting of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or a mixture of both is the nicotine thinner in the DIY e liquid.
The combination of these two products allows you to make a nicotine base that you just have to aromatize to make an electronic cigarette liquid.

The DiY vape calculator above allows you to evaluate the amount of neutral base to adjust to the desired nicotine strength to make your nicotine base.

Unflavored bases

Booster Revolute

We offer a nicotine pack allowing you to make a nicotine base of 6mg / ml.
It consists of a 50/50 base vial and 4 nicotine boosters.

The e liquid calculator above allows you to adjust the nicotine level if you want to reduce its grammage below 6mg / ml.

E liquid nicotine base 50/50 6mg

pack nicotine


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