Nicotine Calculator for Precise E-liquid Mixing

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DiY E-liquid Calculator

Calculate the precise dosage of your nicotine base using the DiY Vape Calculator

Based on the volume of neutral base you intend to use, this e-liquid calculator helps you determine the number of nicotine boosters needed to dilute and create your required nicotine base for your e-cigarette recipe.

Calcul E liquide

Starting from the nicotine strength you have and combining it with the available volume of neutral base, as well as the nicotine dosage you wish to achieve, you will obtain the required volume of nicotine and neutral base, along with the number of boosters to dilute, all thanks to the nicotine calculator.

If you're new to e-cigarette DIY, we recommend checking out our guide "Creating Your E-liquid in 5 Minutes"

Nicotine Booster Calculation

How to Calculate Nicotine Strength for DiY vape juice?

Determine the desired nicotine strength

   My nicotine is dosed at... (mg/ml)

   I have...(ml) of neutral base

   I want a nicotine strength of... (mg/ml)

Creating my e-liquid base:

   I need... of nicotine (ml)

   I obtain a nicotine base of... (ml)

   I need this number of boosters - (0 corresponds to
            1 bottle of 10ml)

How to choose your nicotine strength?

          - Arom-Team advices:

  If you are using nicotine for the first time, keep this product out of the reach of children and pets.
With the help of our nicotine booster calculator, measure the dosage accurately and adhere to the recommendations.

      1. The nicotine strength you choose will impact the "hit," throat contraction, and depends on your vaping preferences.

How to determine your nicotine strength?

If you are trying an e-cigarette and aiming to reduce your cigarette consumption, make sure to select a nicotine strength that matches your smoking habits.

We invite you to explore the 6 essential steps of DIY e-liquid, where you will find all the necessary information for creating your nicotine-infused e-liquid.

      2. Remember to thoroughly shake your nicotine and base mixture before using it.

When adding your preferred flavors, allow your e-liquid to rest – just like steeping a good tea, a liquid often needs some time to bring out its best.

DIY E liquid Calculator
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Since January 2017, nicotine is only sold in 10ml bottles with a maximum strength of 20mg/ml, known as boosters (french regulation).
To create a nicotine base, these nicotine booster bottles must be diluted in a neutral base to achieve the desired strength.

The above nicotine calculator enables you to accurately assess the necessary quantities based on the desired nicotine strength, the volume of neutral base, and the required number of boosters.

Nicotine booster

Booster Revolute

The neutral base, composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or a blend of both, serves as the diluent for nicotine in DIY e-liquid.
The combination of these two components allows you to create a nicotine base that can be flavored to make an e-cigarette liquid.

The above DIY nicotine calculator helps you determine the amount of neutral base required to achieve the desired nicotine strength for your nicotine base.

Neutral base

Booster Revolute

We offer a nicotine pack that allows you to quickly create a 6mg/ml nicotine base.
It includes a bottle of PG VG base and 4 nicotine boosters.

The above DIY calculator allows you to adjust the nicotine strength if you want to reduce it below 6mg/ml.

6mg Nicotine Pack

pack nicotine


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