DiY e liquid is the fact of making your own mixture to vape
The composition of an electronic cigarette e-liquid is flavor, nicotine, PG VG
Making your e juice allows you to precisely measure the nicotine and choose the preferred flavors
From gourmet recipe to tobacco e juice, the vaper is free of his compositions 

Entering the French landscape for years, the electronic cigarette was quickly adopted by users in search of a reliable alternative to tobacco.

Today, its effectiveness is recognized as much by converted vapers as by some independent scientists.

But what makes the strength of this electronic device lies in what makes up its soul, the e liquid.

It diffuses the vapor, allows to find similarities with smoke and tempers the lack due to smoking cessation.

Over the years and during the evolution of vaping, many e-liquids have appeared on the market allowing a healthy diversification.

But difficult to navigate in this imbroglio of different brands when you start vaping.

Arom-Team, leader in DIY e liquid for electronic cigarettes supports you in this search for tastes so that you can finally get started in DIY and create your favorite vape juice.

New to vaping?

Your first e liquids are decisive if you want to fight against tobacco.

Make sure you take into consideration 3 essential points to avoid failing:

  •         Nicotine level
  •         The taste
  •         Ingredients

What nicotine level to start vaping?

Nicotine plays a crucial role as much in vaping as in smoking cessation.

It fills the lack due to smoking cessation while generating what is called the "throat hit", this slight contraction of the throat that the smoker feels when passing the smoke.

What nicotine level should I use?

The nicotine level, expressed in mg/ml on the vials, corresponds to the concentration of nicotine diluted in the neutral base.

Adapting this rate to your previous consumption of daily cigarettes is not easy at the start, but it is important to find an equivalence so as not to disturb your smoking cessation.

Thus, too low a rate does not meet your need for nicotine.

An overvalued rate may cause unpleasant side effects such as nausea, migraines leading to a nicotine overdose, and the "hit" generated by too strong eliquid causes coughing fits.

Adaptation is therefore essential, but each one is different.
It is desirable to test different grammages to find the balance.

I smoke x cigarettes, how much nicotine in my e liquid?

Start with the Fagerstrom test to assess your smoking profile.

     1 • How long after you wake up do you smoke your first cigarette?

   - within 5 minutes
   - 6 to 30 minutes
   - from 31 to 60 minutes
   - after 60 minutes

    2 • Do you find it difficult not to smoke in places where it is prohibited?

   - Yes
   - no

    3 • Which cigarette of the day would you find it most difficult to quit?

   - the first one
   - any other

    4 • How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?

   - 10 or less
   - 11 to 20
   - 21 to 30
   - 31 or more

    5 • Do you smoke at a faster rate in the morning than in the afternoon?

   - Yes
   - no

    6 • Do you smoke when you are so sick that you have to stay in bed most of the day?

   - Yes
   - no

Fagerstrom test

Below we show you a possible match that you will still have to assess for yourself according to your dependence.

Nicotine and electronic cigarette rate

The nicotine level of your e liquid must also adapt to the material you use.

Indeed, the power of the electronic device that you use will induce a specific nicotine delivery.

If your ecigarette or mod is powerful, you will need to make sure to reduce the level of nicotine chosen.

Tobacco - e liquid equivalent

Once again, all Arom-Team advice cannot give you a real equivalence between daily consumption of cigarettes and e liquid strength.

There is nevertheless an indicator allowing you to obtain an estimate to choose more surely your e juice.

    Low dependence: Less than 10 cigarettes per day → 3 to 6 mg / ml

    Average dependence: Between 10 and 19 cigarettes per day → 6 to 12mg / ml

    Strong addiction: More than 19 cigarettes per day → 12 to 20mg / ml

Note however that over the weaning time, your need for nicotine will gradually decrease, resulting in a clear decrease in the nicotine level of your juices and the vaping time necessary to not feel any craving.

At first, you will find yourself vaping more than you should. This phenomenon is explained by a slower diffusion of nicotine in the body.

Thus, the personal vaporizer in no way competes with the nicotinic peak reached in a few seconds by cigarette smoke. It takes an average of twenty minutes to feel its impact.

Vaping excessively is therefore nothing abnormal during smoking cessation, it is even a crucial point not to smoke again.

What flavor to start vaping?

We do not believe it when we start vaping but the choice of tastes is just as crucial as the nicotine level.

The goal here is to distract your mind by making you happy. Vary the tastes, test improbable flavors until you find your juice.

There are no rules, only your taste buds will show you the way.

How to choose your e juice?

Everyone is different but the big jump in ecigs gives rise to apprehension.

For some, the fact of testing gourmet or fruit flavors is a novelty that does not pose a problem.

Research is then directed towards aromas corresponding to the preferred fruits or desserts.

For others, getting away from the taste of tobacco so quickly is tricky.

They are therefore looking for similar flavors, known as classic, without too much sweetness, which somewhat recall the typical and dry taste of tobacco.

Be aware however that the taste of a cigarette is dependent on its combustion, combustion which does not exist in electronic cigarette.

It will therefore be impossible to find an e liquid bringing the taste of burnt tobacco.

If you choose to make your own e liquid by following our ultimate guide to make e juice, we recommend these 3 flavors to create a convincing tobacco vape juice.

tobacco vape

- Tobacco Praze Concentrate Mom and Pop review: “Praze is a good blond tobacco flavor, dosed at 25 drops for 15 ml of 50/50 base, it gives a good taste of dry and unsweetened tobacco even without steep. "

- Concentrate RYO Tobacco Mom and Pop review: "I vape it there without steep, 10 ml 5050 base in 12 mg nicotine 15 drops, a good tobacco taste I will let it steep, amazing, one of the rare flavors which has a good taste Strong tobacco. "

- Flue Cured Super Concentré review: "Used to make gourmet DIYs I wanted to change by trying a blond tobacco, this is excellent I recommend it with a dosage of 4% -6%! "

What is gourmet flavor?

Gluttony is not a bad thing in the case of vaping.

On the contrary, it allows you to associate moments of taste pleasure with a period of smoking cessation.

Gourmet aromas are legion but we advise you to vary them to save yourself the weariness.

The choice is vast: dessert flavors, intense vanilla, caramel or coffee, dark chocolate ... you can't go wrong!

To help you, here we offer the 3 most popular gourmet flavors on our site:

gourmet savor

- Vanilla Custard Capella review: “Very good custard, a marvel for gourmets !!!! "

- Calipitter Chow Mom and Pop review: "Fan of Paris Brest go there it's all good and even better. "

- Dulce de Leche Flavor West review: “Excellent aroma !!! much better for my taste than milk jam from another brand ... "

Just like real fruit

Are you looking for both the tastes you love and simplicity?

You then test the fruity flavors to permanently forget about tobacco.

They arouse less weariness than gourmet e liquids while remaining fresh and soft for the taste buds.

They also allow very interesting fruit combinations, surely leading you to the ultimate fruit salad.

To guide you, here are the 3 favorite fruity flavors of "Teamers" (Arom-Team followers):

fruit recipes

- Sweet Strawberry Capella review: "A good sweet strawberry flavor but very present"

- Sweet Mango Capella review: “Like guava from the same brand, it deserves 10 stars. Just perfect, perfectly ripe mango. Great, alone or in recipe. "

- Bilberry LorAnn Oils review: “The best blueberry flavor I have ever tested. A real explosion of flavor in the mouth, without being aggressive. Amazing !!! "

Mint in your e liquid?

Of course, consumers of menthol cigarettes will be tempted by the mint aromas.

It is indeed an excellent alternative to classic flavors but menthol flavors also have their advantages by increasing the "throat hit" felt by the vaper and by being intense longer.

The range of mint aromas is not as dense but it is of certain interest, especially when you lower your nicotine level a little and no longer feel contraction of the throat.

And if you do not want to find a minty taste in your juice, you can even test koolada, a special “hit” aroma, concentrated freshness, icy effect, without any note of mint, which strikes the throat.

mint juice

What is the difference between flavor and flavor concentrate?

Are you lacking inspiration for your e-liquid recipe?

Do not panic.

The concentrate flavors allow you to make your e liquid in a few seconds.

They contain a ready-made recipe detailed by the manufacturer, you just have to add a few drops to your nicotine base and your liquid is done.

Concentrates are also highly prized for their simplicity.

To guide you in your choice, we indicate here the 3 favorite concentrates of "Teamers"

- UP Arom-Team review: “Very good, fresh, balanced, beautiful creation. "

- Lenny Project Vape or DiY review: “A good taste of vanilla cereals. Dosed at 20% in 30/70. "

- Greedy Scratch High End review: “This one I love it all day! I think I'm in my 3rd bottle and it's not over :) All in finesse and all in sweetness! "

What is the difference between e liquid and DiY vape juice?

Choosing your first e juice from the multitude of liquids available on the market means encountering a fairly high level of propylene glycol offered to beginners.

Indeed, manufacturers favor propylene glycol for its known effect on the contraction of the throat, so sought after by smokers.

Evolving in the discovery of vaping is either choosing your ready-made liquids by varying the ratios of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin - the most common being 50/50, 70/30, 30/70 or even 100% glycerin - or by making your own e-liquid to determine both the flavors and the overall composition in terms of nicotine and neutral PG and VG base.

E liquid vs DIY

DIY specialists, of course we invite you to make your own liquid to have complete freedom to fully constitute your e liquid in a very precise way and only oriented to your particular tastes.

You will be able to determine a level of nicotine totally personalized to your case, play on the grammage when you wish by increasing or decreasing it if necessary without spoiling a vape juice.

You can choose the PG/VG ratio of your neutral base for a discreet vape focused on propylene glycol or clouds of vapor derived from vegetable glycerin, or only to avoid any allergy concerns.

You can focus your creations on your personal tastes and invent unique eliquid recipes that meet your expectations without ever disappointing you.

And of course, make significant savings while being able to create winter liquids, fresh summer juices, festive vapors, Christmas recipes.

DiY is freedom.

Freedom to choose. Freedom to create in perfect knowledge of the composition of the e liquid.

Freedom to manage withdrawal.

All it takes is a neutral base, a hint of nicotine, funny flavors and vaping becomes a new adventure...


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