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Koolada The Flavor Apprentice - Fresh Additive

  • The desired effect using this koolada additive is to provide an intense freshness without releasing mint or menthol taste. You are thus in the presence of a product giving an icy aspect to your liquids without any added flavor
  • Use: with parcimony!
  • Considerations: Overdosed, it distorts the recipe
  • Pairs well with: Melon, Apricot, Grape, Peach, Blueberry, Blackberry, Lychee

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Koolada additive TFA The Perfumer's Apprentice

Koolada vs menthol ?

  • What is koolada?

     It is an electronic cigarette additive that adds a chilling effect to your liquids. It brings menthol freshness without any taste.

  • What dosage to make a chilling e liquid ?

   → Add a few drops for freshness - 3 to 4 drops for 10ml.
Force the dose for a big hit (contraction of the throat)

  • What is the steeping time for a fresh e juice ?

Unlike traditional flavors, this additive does not seem to increase with time but rather weaken over the days.
Also, we advise you to add it at the last moment to your preparations to perceive its hit effect.

   - And for an intense freshness, try menthol crystals

The Flavor Apprentice Koolada Product Details

  • Made in the USA
  • Composition : Koolada crystals (menthyl lactate, PG - propylene glycol)
  • Dropper bottle 9ml conditioned by Arom-Team

Mint Flavor, E liquid Additive

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