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  • Looking for the strongest menthol e juice ? Try menthol crystals !
  • Made from the essential oil of peppermint, this natural product provides a feeling of extreme freshness. Simply let them melt to create the best menthol e liquid !

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  • How to dissolve menthol crystals?

    Menthol crystals are a plant-derived product, 100% pure and natural.

    They are obtained from the distillation of peppermint essential oil (mentha x piperita) - not to be confused with field mint (mentha arvensis) - subjected to a temperature of -22°C to achieve crystallization and thus obtain a high concentration of menthol in crystal form.

    Menthol crystals are well known for relieving muscular pain when used topically, providing an analgesic effect through their anesthetic properties.

    How to make mint crystals?

    The production of mint crystals is not so simple.

    Although synthetic forms exist, most often, mint crystals are derived from peppermint essential oil.

    The first step is the creation of the essential oil by mixing the plant and water to heat and transform it into vapor before cooling this vapor to recover the concentrated oil.

    The second phase involves freezing the essential oil immediately after extraction to form crystals.

    These phases require essential oil extraction equipment and a substantial amount of mint leaves.

    Menthol crystals remain solid at room temperature but dissolve at 41.5°C.
    They are soluble in alcohol or propylene glycol.

    How to use menthol crystals?

    By dissolving mint crystals in a PG base, you get a very potent fresh taste and an improved "throat hit". Undoubtedly, the best e-cig additive for a menthol-flavored e-liquid!

    How to measure menthol crystal dosage?

    The rule is to dissolve at one-third the amount. Thus, if you have 5 grams, you can dilute them in 15ml of PG to obtain a very refreshing mint e-liquid and a chilling effect.

    You can later dilute this preparation further if the taste is too strong or use it as a DIY additive by adding just a few drops to your e-liquid to impart freshness.

    How to dissolve mint crystals?

    For easier dilution, we recommend crushing them as much as possible before immersing them in vaping-grade propylene glycol and gently heating until dissolved.

    A water bath at a temperature of about 40°C is effective.

    You can try it for yourself; they dissolve slowly, including under a simple halogen lamp, becoming liquid menthol.

    Another trick is to dissolve them in a small amount of alcohol and then add the solution to your e-liquid.

    Natural menthol

    * Danger of menthol crystals: This product derived from peppermint essential oil is not toxic but can be irritating to the throat and respiratory tract, especially for beginners.

    Hence, it is advisable to assess its intensity by starting with a reasonable amount.

    What wattage to vape mint e-liquid?

    We advise using them in low quantities and adjusting your resistances, especially if you are a beginner vaper. Start with high resistances of 1.2 or 1.8 ohms to get used to it.

    With experience, you can then vary the resistances and wattage to find the cooling vape that suits you best and make an extra-strong mint e-liquid.

    mint crystals
          Mint crystals

    • Tip: For a cooling effect without any menthol taste, we like koolada

    DIY mint recipe idea

    Absinthe 8%

    Mint Crystals

    Mint crystal additive - 100% natural - for e-liquid preparation

    5-gram sachet - AromTeam

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    tres beau article

    jai trouve cette article tres satisfesante

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    Du menthol, comme j'aime

    Livré dans une boîte bien hermétique... Je dilue les cristaux dans du PG, jusqu'à saturation. Ingrédient essentiel de mes liquides mentholés, au juste prix.

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    Un super produit

    Très frais, presque glacial, très bon ! Et peu mentholé, pour l'utiliser j'ai suivi le conseil de dilution, quelques gouttes, effet garanti.

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    Livraison très rapide. Petit mot du vendeur qui fait toujours plaisir. Je recommande !

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    Très bien

    Très bien

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    Super produits à conseiller

    Super produits à conseiller

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