Eliquid recipes

Some time after the discovery of the electronic cigarette, when you start out in DIY e-juice, it is sometimes easier to begin by having sources of inspiration for accessible recipes to create a satisfying homemade vape juice.

We therefore provide you with this top rated e-liquid recipes, selected according to the statistics on our Pinterest page for the interest of our followers, popular e juice recipes.

You will find 7 best e juice recipes and the 3 best e liquid clone recipes as well as 1 surprise bonus that will be an excellent base to start your DIY experience.

Top 10 e liquid recipes

  • E liquid recipe Mango (+6,000 views on Pinterest)

top 10 ejuice recipes

If you're looking for the best fruity vape juice, this delicious mango cream will make the best e-liquid.

Here, the taste of mango is combined with a hint of vanilla and graham cracker and the blend is balanced by creamy flavors and a lemony touch.
This gives you a smooth, fruit e juice that has nothing to envy to the best vape juice recipes.

Note that the Graham Cracker is a very versatile flavors that embellishes many vape juice recipes. It gives body to a taste of biscuit, cookies or cheesecake. It also accompanies classic e-juice recipes, thus rounding up dry tobacco.

All the ingredients in this DIY e-liquid are from the Capella brand.

The percentages mentioned are recommended for a 50 50 base. If you use a more glycerinated mixture, do not hesitate to increase these percentages somewhat.

Mango 6%
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 1%
Vanilla Custard 3%
Butter Cream 3%
Sweet Cream 3%
New York Cheesecake 1%
Cap Graham Cracker 1%

- Steeping: one or two weeks minimum for the best e liquid.

  • Vape Juice Recipes - Christmas Vape (Pinterest: 12,000 views)

gingerbread vape juice

Christmas eliquid recipes are not only for Christmas time!

The e liquid recipe proposed here has achieved a certain success with its balance between gingerbread and vanilla, complemented with brown sugar and a touch of subtle milk.
The result is a creamy and fine blend for a perfect DIY e juice.

All the flavors in this e-liquid recipe come from the Capella, Flavor West and The Perfumer's Apprentice brands.
The percentages shown are for a 50/50 pg/vg. Do not hesitate to increase them a little if you used a higher proportion of vegetable glycerin.

Graham Cracker 3%
Vanilla Custard 3%
Gingerbread 3%
Milk 3%
Brown Sugar 1%
Vanilla Bean Gelato 1%

- Steeping: two weeks minimum for this ejuice recipe.

  • Best e liquid recipes - Blueberry Ice Cream ( 6500 views on Pinterest)

blueberry e cig juice

The red fruits are very popular in eliquid recipes but the blueberry certainly has a privileged place in the heart of vapers.

This blueberry cream recipe is interesting because of its balance between this tangy fruit and the cream to obtain an unctuous dessert taste and the best DiY vape juice.

The concentrates in this recipe come from LorAnn Oils and Capella brands.

Blueberry 8%

Bavarian Cream 2%

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 2%

Graham Cracker 1%

Supersweet 2%

- Steeping: two weeks minimum for the best vape juice.

  • E liquid recipes for beginners - Lemon Pie (Pinterest: 15,000 views)

lemon pie e juice

The taste of lemon pie is perfectly found in Capella Lemon Meringue Pie flavor but there is still room for improvement.

The vapers were not deceived by this delicious recipe with added cake batter and vanilla. It's up to you to enjoy this simple e-juice now!

All products used are from the Capella brand.
The percentages shown are for a 50/50 pg vg ratio. Do not hesitate to increase them if you use a full VG base.

Lemon Meringue Pie 4%
Vanilla Custard 2%
Cake Batter 3%

- Steeping: one or two weeks minimum for this eliquid recipe.

  • Eliquid Recipe - Coffee Dream (Pinterest: 6,500 views)

cappuccino diy recipe

Cappuccino is excellent on its own but it is possible to improve it to make it a dessert juice to the taste of a fondant cheesecake.

Just add a hint of cream and chocolate to get the best eliquid.

The ingredients in this e-liquid recipe are Capella flavors , LorAnn Oils and The Flavor Apprentice, the best vape juice flavors.
Dosages shown are for a 50 50 PG VG. You will need to increase them somewhat if you use more glycerin.

Chocolat 4%
Cappuccino 2%
Sweet Cream 2%
Graham Cracker 2%
Ethyl Maltol 0,5%

- Steeping: two weeks minimum for the best e juice.

  • E liquid recipe ice cream - Vanilla Cream (Pinterest: 8,000 views)

vanilla cream diy recipe
Do you like vanilla recipes? There are many DIY ejuice trying to sublimate this perfume.
We propose a balanced mix with a biscuit note that changes everything. It's up to you to enjoy it now.

Note that Vanilla custard Capella flavor remains the most popular custard in DIY recipes.
This rich and versatile flavour interferes in the best e-juice recipes and at various percentages, from the most measured, giving only a touch of light vanilla to the highest percentage to obtain a vanilla cream.

The concentrates in this recipe are Capella brand, the best e juice flavors.
The percentages shown are for a 50 50 base. You will need to increase them slightly if you use a higher percentage of glycerin.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 4%
Vanilla Custard 2%
Graham Cracker 2%
Vanilla Cupcake 3%

- Steeping: two weeks minimum for the best ejuice.

  • DiY recipes - Strawberry (Pinterest: 9,000 views)

strawberry cake

Strawberry is also one of the favorite flavors of the world's vapers. Many DIY recipes combining this sweet summer fruit are shared on forums dedicated to vape.

Here, the strawberry is associated with blueberry and marshmallow to make a vanilla cupcake dessert.

In the end, you get a fine liquid, letting perceive at the same time the scents of the fruits and the sweetness of the marshmallow associated with a light cake, raised of vanilla. A delicious trap!

The ingredients in this recipe are Capella and LorAnn.

The percentages shown apply to a DIY 50/50 base. You will need to slightly increase the dosage of each if your creation contains a higher level of vegetable glycerin.

Vanilla Cupcake 1%
Blueberry   4%
Cap Strawberry  4%
Marshmallow 2%

Steeping : two weeks for this DIY vape juice.

E liquid Recipes Clones

In many cases, e liquid clone recipes are only close to the most popular e juices.
Nevertheless, they have the distinction of being in the same vein as the copied juice, thus avoiding a disappointment.

  • E liquid recipe Tribeca (+8,500 views on Pinterest)

tribeca clone juice

Tribeca Halo is surely the most popular vape juice.
It combines a powerful tobacco with subtle vanilla and roasted notes.

Close to an improved RY4, this tobacco recipe will not leave you more indifferent than our Pinterest followers !

Note that the RY4 Double is the king of sweet tobacco flavors. It highlights caramel and vanilla flavors just before a blond tobacco flavor emerges.

If it's possible to vape and appreciate it on its own, it's a great companion to flavors that flatter its vanilla caramel notes. It is sometimes used in e-liquid recipes to boost the caramelized part.

The ingredients making up this recipe are The Flavor Apprentice and Capella brands.
The percentages shown are for a 5050 base. Do not hesitate to increase them if you use a higher proportion of glycerine.

RY4 Double 12%

Graham Cracker 2,5%

Ethyl Maltol 3%

Acetyl Pyrazine 2%

- Steeping: 3-4 weeks minimum for the best eliquid.

* Arom-Team also offers you a Tribeca clone concentrate that you can find under the name Tribea

  • E juice recipe clone - Grants Vanilla Custard (Pinterest: 12,500 views)

grant's vanilla custard clone
The fans of this mythical e-liquid surely thought that its recipe was particularly elaborate.
It turns out, however, that simplicity leads to success and that perhaps it was enough to tie a custard flavor to a sweet milk jam to make one of the best DiY e juice recipes.

The concentrates required for this simple recipe are from Capella Flavors and Flavor West brands. The percentages indicated are for a 5050 base. Feel free to increase them if you use a more glycerinated base.

Vanilla Custard 7,5%
Dulce de Leche 2%

- Steeping: 2 weeks minimum for this DiY e liquid.

  • Eliquid clone recipes - Halo Malibu (More than 6,000 views on Pinterest)

halo malibu e-liquid

If you want to create a Halo Malibu-like concentrate, this recipe is what comes closest to it.

A fruity blend of pineapple and coconut associated with rum and ending on a menthol hint.

A great vape, sweet and refreshing recipe dear to the heart of many vapers in the world that we never get tired.

The concentrates in this recipe are Capella, Flavor West and The Flavor Apprentice brands.
The percentages shown are for a 50/50 mix. Do not hesitate to increase them if you use a higher glycerine ratio.

Piña Colada 13%
Jamaican Rum 1,5%
Koolada 1,5%

- Steeping: no need for this DiY e juice.

* E juice recipe clones

  • Red Astaire Clone (More than 8,500 views on Pinterest)

Red Astaire clone recipe
This famous T Juice e-liquid combining fresh notes with red fruits is very popular.

If, of course, its recipe remains secret, it is still possible to approach its specific taste by a clever mix of ingredients in juice recipes.

We offer you this Red Astaire recipe hoping that it meets your expectations to create the best vape recipes.

Blackcurrant 1%
Cherry 2%
Black Licorice 0,5%
Absinthe 3,5%
Cool Mint 0,2%

- Steeping time : no need for this e juice recipe.

Our Pinterest page contains the best DiY ejuice recipes, evolving between simple ejuice recipes and ejuice clone recipes.
If you're under inspiration for creating premium e juice recipes, it's a safe bet that you will find your happiness in our e juice recipe list.

And if you are looking for great tobacco juice, find the best eliquid recipes you can't miss !

diy vape juice recipes

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Have a great vape!

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