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What is Flavor West?

Flavor West is an american manufacturer of food flavors, flavors for flavoring desserts, yogurt and drinks, also used for electronic cigarettes.

Can I use Flavor West concentrate bottle for e liquid?

Flavour West products are not e liquids and do not contain nicotine.They are intended for the manufacture of vape e juice.

Are Flavor West flavors safe to vape?

Originally intended for food, these aromas have been adapted over the years to vape.They were therefore purged of potentially harmful substances by inhalation.

Do Flavor West concentrates contain diacetyl?

Flavors West guarantees its flavors without diacetyl and acetyl propionyl.

Do Flavor West concentrates contain alcohol?

Some flavors actually contain alcohol such as Ecto Cooler concentrate or Lemonade.
You will find the exact composition of each product in its description.

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Flavor West Review

Flawor West flavors offered on the Arom'Team website are not devalued for their quality but only by the manufacturer's commercial policy, which is very affordable.

That's why we offer them at a very attractive price, simple cause and effect.

In the Top 10 Flavor West, diyers favorite, some aromas have become unavoidable over the years.

We can therefore provide you orientation on particularly successful flavors

Of course, this list is incomplete. You will find almost fifty Flavor West flavors on our website.
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