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Arom Team, E cigarette flavors since 2013

In 2011, our goal was not smoking harmful tobacco cigarettes anymore but vape. So, we started DiY e-liquid - e cig flavor, PGVG, nicotine, e cigarette test on a cartomizer, atomizer, dripper, ego e-cig and all kind of vaporizers and mechanical mods - educating our taste buds to find the the best tastes.

In 2013, our vape shop, Arom Team was born, with our experience of DiY e liquid.
We could tell you the rest of the story but in fact, it stops there. Because making an e-liquid is easy and you know it. Flavors, liquids, some utensils and the trick is done.

If you are here, you have already passed the first step of testing an electronic device and knowing if it can help you break this habit. You are now in the second phase, looking for gustative pleasure in the infinite diy recipes.

We are here to help you in this new adventure.
Arom-Team offers you a wide range of flavors to help you create a flavored vapor.

Best Vape Flavors

We have always aimed to offer flavors at attractive prices. Now, the only way to bring down the cost of each product is bottle condition to test new flavors without breaking the bank.

- Mom and Pop concentrates are on their site in 10ml bottles at $6.95, or €5.70. We propose 11ml bottles at 3,55€
- LorAnn Oils bottles have a capacity of 3,7ml at 2,50€. We propose 11ml bottles at 3,49€.
- Capella flavors cost about 4,00€ a 13ml bottle. We propose 11ml bottle at 2,85€

Arom'Team fights for the DIY to be accessible to all, including beginners.

We are official resellers and authorized by the manufacturers for the condition of their products.
All the flavors are authentic flavors coming directly from the USA.

Try DIY today and make your own e liquid !
Best Flavors Best tasting e liquid
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 Vaporizer Liquid Flavors

Make your own e juice supplies

Finding perfumes that make a good vape juice is more difficult than it seems. Internet is supposed to offer a good choice but there are so many products that everything is complicated and we do not know what to choose.
We search the sites, we compare the e liquid flavors, we try to guess the enigmatic concentrates. And who says that the chosen product will be good to make a homemade e juice ?

Aroma Team offers you a fine choice of renowned products for the electronic cigarette. You will not waste time trying to imagine a concentrate with the fear of ordering it and forget it.
Here you will find only products that have been tested and validated by DIY enthusiasts. A simple way to make a safe choice without wasting time.

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