Un choix conséquent et abordable d'arômes et concentrés pour cigarette électronique

In 2011, our goal was not smoking harmful tobacco cigarettes anymore but vape.

So, we started, playing little chemist in our kitchen during months, diy flavor, PGVG, nicotine, testing juices on cartomizer, atomizer, dripper, ego e cig and all kind of vaporizers and mechanical mods, educating our taste buds to find the perfect blend.

In 2013, our vape shop, Arom Team was born, with our experience of diy e liquid.

We could tell you the rest of the story but in fact it stops there. Because making an eliquide is easy and you know it.
Flavors, liquids, some utensils and the trick is done.
What is more difficult is to take the step between smoke and vape, to overcome this apprehension of leaving behind a habit steeped for years, decades, to launch into the unknown.

If you are here, you have already passed the first step of testing an electronic device and knowing if it can help you break this habit.
You are now in the second phase, looking for gustative pleasure in the infinite diy recipes that will allow you to discover a multitude of flavors that will lead you to the forgetfulness of an ashtray taste.

Our mission is to show people that this liquid can be a health tool.
Replacing smoke with vape is a positive step. Disregarding the media that are simply trying to help states destroy an alternative to tobacco is also a positive step.
Arom-Team does not sell flavors, or they are only food flavors.
Arom-Team offers you a wide range of flavors to help you forget cigarettes, regain your taste for freedom and create a flavored vapor.

Vape is a culture. Make e juice, a new path...


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