Les arômes liquides pour changer de cap

In 2011, we wondered how to make e juice for electronic cigarette to finally find a satisfying taste. After testing many finished products, do it yourself began to interest us. Not only for the substantial savings expected but also for the creative momentum it was proposing. So, we started, playing little chemist in our kitchen.
In 2013, Arom Team was born, with our experience of e liquid diy.

Starting liquids is a bit apprehensive. It is a new stage in the course of vaper. That's why you will find a wide selection of flavors and liquids, the best diy e juice recipes and as much information as possible. Our goal is to accompany you in this new vaping adventure and to make sure that making your own vape juice is as easy as entertaining.

Welcome to Arom.Team. You will find here everything you need for e cigarette homemade e liquid, from e juice flavor to diy base.


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