Bob Passion Arom Team - Boba's Bounty Clone (11ml)

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  • Near the famous Boba's Bounty ejuice, Arom-Team offers you this Bob Passion, a gourmet tobacco concentrate. It may well become your all day vape...
  • Use: 10-15%
  • Steeping: Give it a one or two weeks steep

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Boba's Bounty ?

Do you like Boba's ?

So we created this flavor, near the famous alien vision e juice !

You will find everything you love, gentleness and tobacco, and more ... but remember, this is not the original ... but a unique Arom-Team recipe, exclusively available on this site.

Composed of gourmet flavors without ever being too sweet or too invasive, this Bob'Passion concentrated flavor quickly becomes unavoidable liquid for electronic cigarette.

Our customers have made it our reference and the evaluations that you find below confirm a unique taste for a e liquid concentrate you will not forget.

  • How to dose this Arom Team Bob Passion flavor ?

→ Recommended percentage: 10-15%
              24 drops = 1ml = 10% for 10ml

      * Tip : Banana Cream by LorAnn Oils pairs very well with Bob'Passion recipe for a gorilla e liquid type

  • How long to steep a Bob Passion e liquid ?

A maturation time of one to two weeks can only be beneficial for the flavors to develop fully.

  • Bob Passion reviews

There are more than 400 written reviews for our beloved Bob.

We have noted here the formulas of our most touching customers that we are not ready to forget.

"The people who talk the least about it are those who vape it the most"

"Do not look for comparison, enjoy it as is it"

"A must have, yet I only vape menthol and fruits"

"Complex aroma as I like them"

"Try it, you will not be disappointed"

"To try it is to adopt it, it has become an all day vape"

"A real passion this Bob!"

"Bob Passion, just happiness"

"Try it, never forget it"

"Delicious nectar to discover with time"

Thank you all for making this e liquid creation a popular adv's 

Arom-Team Bob Passion

  • Composition: Natural and artificial flavored, PG (propylene glycol), alcohol, water
  • Diacetyl free (like all our flavors), created by combining branded flavors for sale on this site.
  • Dropper bottle 11ml conditionned by Arom-Team

Here are the testimonials of those who chose this product on our site.

They share their experience in the creation of DIY e liquids and show their satisfaction after placing an order with Arom-Team.


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