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When one starts the electronic cigarette, one often receives the advice to give up tastes close to tobacco cigarette to turn away from the past habit.

It remains that for many, the fruit perfumes or the gourmet vape juice are not satisfying.

Thus, if many complex recipes are on Arom Team, we do not neglect the tobacco e juice recipes that some particularly like.

You will find below the best vape tobacco recipes available on our Pinterest page as well as their evaluation of our followers on this social network.

All you need to know to make your own tobacco flavored e-juice

Tobacco and Vape

Vanilla tobacco (more than 2,000 views on Pinterest)

custard tobacco

No doubt, this is a vanilla tobacco e juice recipe.

The combination of RY4 Double and Black Honey offers a sweet tobacco base, mix of caramel, vanilla and honey to a very strong aromatic tobacco flavor.

The associated vanilla aromas, here vanilla custard and french vanilla, reinforce the vanilla taste before the sweet cream comes to round the flavors.

If you like vanilla tobacco, you will enjoy this recipe.

The products used are The Perfumer's Apprentice and Capella brands.

The recommended percent correspond to the use of a 50 50 base.
Do not forget to increase the percentages slightly if you use a more glycerinated base.

- Ry4 Double: 6% - 0.6ml for 10ml
- Black Honey: 2% - 0.2ml for 10ml
- Sweet Cream: 3% - 0.3ml for 10ml
- French Vanilla: 2% - 0.2ml for 10ml
- Vanilla Custard: 2% - 0.2ml for 10ml

The steeping time of this tobacco eliquid is quite long, varying from 4 to 6 weeks minimum to reach a perfect maturation.

Cigar Vape - Tobacco Juice recipe (More than 1,000 views on Pinterest)

cigar e-liquid recipes

Here, the recipe e liquid is simple, you say.

Certainly, but the Vanilla Ice cream flavor, this subtle taste of ice cream, makes sense when it comes to temper a strong tobacco flavoring and give relief to your e-juice.

This is the magic of this association that manages to convince and get closer to the taste of a vanilla cigar.

The flavors that make up this tobacco ice cream are The Perfumer's Apprentice and Capella Flavors brands.

- Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: 4% - 0.4ml for 10ml
- Western Blend: 4% - 0.4ml for 10ml

The recommended steeping time is 4 to 6 weeks minimum to capture the subtlety of this tobacco blend.

Best tobacco vape juice - Tobacco Nuts (More than 1,500 views on Pinterest)

tobacco nuts mix
Here is the famous hazelnut tobacco recipe but greatly improved.

We start by combining the Ry4 Double and its caramelized tip with a hint of hazelnut and peanut butter.

This product has a balanced, very typical nutty fruit that is rounded with a tear of Graham Cracker and acetyl pyrazine to give it a toasted taste.

Note that the recommended percentages are small enough to protect the Ry4 Double tobacco flavor and get an awesome tobacco hazelnut e-juice.

These same percentages correspond to the use of a 50 50 base. If you use a higher ratio of glycerin, it is better to increase the dosage.

The flavors of this recipe are Capella and The Flavor Apprentice brand.

Ry4 Double: 5% - 0.5ml for 10ml
Hazelnut: 1% - 0.1ml for 10ml
Peanut Butter: 1% - 0.1ml for 10ml
Graham Cracker: 1% - 0.1ml for 10ml
Acetyl Pyrazine: 0.3% - 2 drops for 10ml

The steeping time indicated is 4 to 6 weeks.

Tobacco flavor ejuice - Tobacco Cream (More than 1,000 views on Pinterest)

tobacco cream recipe

Still want to sublimate a RY4 tobacco? There are a thousand ways to embellish it.

Here is another, combining its characteristic tobacco flavor with a subtle vanilla flavor and a discreet butter cream.

The result is a unique tobacco liquid, combining smooth and creamy flavors with strong tobacco.

The flavors used in this tobacco recipe are The Flavor Apprentice and Capella brands.

The percentages shown apply to a 50 50 DIY base. Feel free to increase the proportions if you prefer vegetable glycerin.

Ry4 Double: 8% - 0.8ml for 10ml
French Vanilla: 4% - 0.4ml for 10ml
Butter Cream: 5% - 0.5ml for 10ml

The optimal steeping time is 4 to 6 weeks.

Tobacco flavored vape juice (More than 2,000 views on Pinterest)

tobacco eliquid recipe
Many vapers do not like gourmet tobaccos and are looking for the best natural tobacco e juice.

This is the reason why we offer this e liquid recipe very close to the cigarette however without any combustion!

The Parliament concentrate is known to be a very realistic tobacco flavoring without any scented or spicy notes. It is so close to the analog that it is self-sufficient.

But adding the Flue Cured super concentrate which is a very realistic blond tobacco virginia type flavor gives it a certain depth and makes it essential.

The flavors used for this recipe are both Super Concentrates brand.

The percentages shown refer to the use of a 50/50 base DIY. If you use a higher ratio of glycerin, do not forget to increase the dosage slightly.

Parliament tobacco: 2.5% - 0.25ml for 10ml
Flue Cured: 1.5% - 0.15ml for 10ml

The optimal steeping time is 4 to 6 weeks.

Halo e juice - Prime 15 - Best tobacco clone recipe (More than 1,500 views on Pinterest)

Halo Prime recipe

We could not conclude this review of tobacco e liquid recipes without talking about a clone recipe, a must have for gourmet tobacco lovers.

The most knowledgeable have already recognized the Halo Prime 15, popular e-liquid binding blond tobacco and discrete taste of peanut.

However, its recipe does not mention nuts. It combines the sweetness of a caramelized ry4 with a strong, woody tobacco flavor, carried by the Western Blend.

This combination is rounded off by a vanilla flavor that tempers the bitterness of the Western blend and combines with the caramel of Ry4. We also add a touch of caramel to not let the vanilla dominate the mixture.

This festival of gourmet flavors is finally reminiscent of the creaminess of peanut yet absent from this delicious mix.

The flavors mentioned in this recipe are The Flavor Apprentice and Capella brands.

The recommended dosages are for the use of a DIY 50/50 base. You will need to increase the percentages slightly if you use more vegetable glycerin.

- Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: 8% - 0.8ml for 10ml
- TPA Ry4 Double: 6% - 0.6ml for 10ml
- Western Blend: 3% - 0.3ml for 10ml
- Caramel: 3% - 0.3ml for 10ml

The time of steeping to respect for an optimal e-liquid is 4 to 6 weeks.

Tobacco Vape

What we learn over the course of the experience is that tobacco e juice recipe is often more demanding than a fruity or gourmet blend.

First, to succeed a tobacco vape juice, you need the moderation of the flavors.
The percentages of neighboring flavors must be controlled so that the tobacco does not evaporate in a swirl of sweetness.

In fact, the key to succeed these e-liquid recipes is to accompany the tobacco taste without ever distorting it by being very cautious.

The second crucial phase for success is the maturation time granted by the vaper. And there, you really have to be patient to get an awesome e-juice, all day vape.

We indicate 4 to 6 weeks of steep on average. Sometimes it takes more to reach perfection.

Keys to success, be patient and moderate :)

You can find nearly 500 e liquid recipes on our Pinterest page whether it is fruity, gourmet, tobacco or clone e juices of big brands.

Feel free to browse our pages if you are looking for inspiration and even participate in sharing your own DIY recipes.

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