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Capella Flavor drops for vaping

What is Capella Flavors ?

Capella flavor drops are food flavors from United States widely used in the world for pastry or beverages.
These are high concentrated flavors, as well suited to electronic cigarette e liquid mix as to culinary preparations.

Regarding vaping, these are popular flavors of electronic cigarette users, ranked among the best flavors for e juice DiY.

Capella vape juice

Capella flavours are not e-liquids but food flavors used by vapers to make an electronic cigarette e liquid.

Is concentrated Capella flavor safe to vape ?

With the evolution and democratization of vape, most manufacturers have purged their products of potentially harmful substances by inhalation. Thus, Capella flavors are indicated for vaping.

Do Capella flavor drops contain diacetyl?

In the same vein of adapting food flavorings to inhalation use, diacetyl was removed from the composition of Capella products several years ago.
All Capella flavors are therefore diacetyl free but also of preservatives, potassium sorbate, sugar, saccharin or aspartame, caffeine or sodium and now acetoin and acetyl propionyl.

Are Capella flavors for vaping?

Capella flavoring is used to flavor ecigarette liquid but is also useful for sweet desserts, yogurts and drinks.

Do Capella flavorings contain alcohol?

Some Capella flavors contain alcohol.
This is true for the Cola flavor or Juicy Lemon.
You will find in appendix of each flavor its detailed composition.

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Capella Flavors

Capella juice

Capella concentrates are well known to diyers and their mix. These are known as safe manufacturing and liquid values, the highest quality flavors.

Over the years, this manufacturer, which primarily targeted its products to drinks and desserts, adapted them to vape and purified the flavors of some harmful substances to inhalation use.

This is why you will find many flavors in version 2.

Despite a wide catalog with fruit flavors, drinks flavors, gourmet aromas and even some tobacco flavors, some flavors are favored by diyers.

So, we reveal here the best Capella flavors

How to use Capella flavors in a vape

Of course, the other flavors emanating from Capella Flavors have the same quality and deserve just as much as these, this is only a simple top 10.
We could have cited as well the sublime Capella Graham Cracker flavor and so many others we favorite and you will enjoy too.

Follow the reviews and you will find your best Capella flavour !

A question about DIY ? Consult our guide How to make your liquid for electronic cigarette

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