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Capella French Vanilla (v2) - Best Vanilla Flavoring (11ml)

  • Flavor: Looking to enhance creamy taste or highlight fruit in your e liquid recipes ?
    This French Vanilla flavor is a perfect assistant to make delicious e juice.

  • Use: 15%
  • Steeping: 2 weeks minimum
  • French vanilla pairs well with: fruit, chocolate, coffee, caramel, almond, hazelnut, dessert, ice cream, tobacco

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 CAPELLA Flavors French Vanilla V2

A perfect french vanilla flavoring

The real taste of vanilla is here in this famous flavour that is not really a stand-alone flavor but complete gourmet recipes from vanilla bean ice cream to vanilla cream or creamy vanilla desserts.

  • But what is French Vanilla?

The French Vanilla appellation has a French origin but relates to the typical way that these charming people smiley-tongue-out.gif prepare ice creams way custard, also by the origin of the pods of vanilla.

We know that this name also refers to custard recipes.
We are not surprised to find these same custard notes in this French Vanilla flavor.

This Capella Vanilla flavor like most vanilla flavours is part of various e liquid recipes and quickly become essential to reach a perfect e-cig juice.

  • The best part of this vanilla flavor?

You will not be able to do without this subtle and tasty vanilla that must, however, be dosed with moderation in order not to stifle its companions.
E juice recipes are always a matter of dosage and steeping.

french vanilla v2

  • What is Capella French Vanilla Percentage?

      Recommended dosage: 15%
             24 drops = 10% for 10ml

Make 82ml vanilla liquid with a single bottle

  • French Vanilla concentrate, which steeping time?

             A minimum of two weeks

  • Is this flavor only for ecigarette?


     All Capella flavors are food grade. It is, therefore, possible to incorporate them into a pastry or even into yogurt.

   * Tip - You can try: French Vanilla Mom and Pop

French Vanilla E juice Recipe :

French Vanilla e-liquid diy recipe

     ** Super Vanilla (for 10ml)

          - PG/VG Nicotine Base
          - French Vanilla : 9 drops
          - Banana : 7 drops
          - Coconut : 8 drops

Capella Flavors French Vanilla Product Details

  • High quality food flavor, made in USA
  • Composition : Artificial flavored, PG (propylene glycol), water
  • Diacetyl, acetoin, acetyl propionyl, sugar, aspartam, gluten free.

Vanilla Flavor, Cream Flavor

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