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Capella Vanilla Custard Flavor

For a successful vanilla custard diy recipe, this capella flavor is unavoidable.
It will help you create a creamy custard e liquid and will perfect your strawberry tart recipe.
Alone or in recipe, you can't do without it for your vaping juices !

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CAPELLA Flavor Vanilla Custard

  • Perfect vanilla custard flavor !

Searching for a creamy and delicious vanilla flavor ?
This delectable Capella Vanilla custard is for your taste buds !

A formidable realism to a famous cracker flavor, major ingredient in many vape juices.

Whether you want to compose a pastry recipe as a vanilla ice, a sweet cupcake or a fruity recipe with a bed of vanilla cream, this concentrate quickly becomes a must for the best e liquid.

This Capella flavor blends easily with all fruits - berries, watermelon, pineapple - all gourmet flavors and even tobacco flavors for a satisfying ejuice !

capella vanilla custard

Capella Vanilla Custard dosage : 10%

Vanilla Custard v2 flavor here

Custard e liquid recipe :

vanilla custard e juice recipe

Gourmet e-liquid recipe (for 10ml) :

     - PG/VG Nicotine Base
     - Chocolate : 8 drops
     - Creamy Caramel : 5 drops
     - Vanilla Custard : 6 drops
     - Supersweet : 1 drop

Dropper bottle 9ml - reconditioned

High quality food flavoring made in USA
Composition : Artificial flavors, PG, water
Diacetyl free, sugar free, aspartame free, gluten free

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