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Best RY4 E juice

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  • A sublime Ry4 tobacco flavor
    Best Seller - In stock
    RY4 Tobacco Mom and Pop - Vanilla Caramel Tobacco E juice...

    Would you like to taste one of the best RY4 flavors ? This RY4 is composed of 5 different flavours. It thus offers a perfect harmony between Virginia tobacco and a hint of vanilla and caramel. A beautiful success! Use: 5-8% Steeping RY4: Give it a 2 weeks steep minimum


  • A Rich RY4 tobacco flavor
    Best Seller - In stock
    RY4 by CF - For a nut tobacco e liquid (11ml)
    CF - 1504

    An awesome RY4 tobacco concentrate, a rich nuts tobacco. One of the best RY4, vape reference! Use: 3% Steeping: Give it a 3 or 4 weeks steep


  • Ry4 Double tobacco flavor Ry4 Double tobacco flavor
    Out of stock
    RY4 Double TFA - Tobacco E Juice (11ml)

    Looking to make a gourmet tobacco e-juice for a cool vape ? This is a RY4 Double flavor more caramelized than the original, with a hint of vanilla to round off the taste. Use: 8-15% Steeping time: 2 weeks minimum Ry4 Double pairs well with: Fruit, Cream, Vanilla, Caramel, Nuts, Coffee


  • An improved Ry4 tobacco flavor
    Best Seller - In stock
    RY4 Tobacco v2 Mom and Pop Concentrate (11ml)

    Version 2 of RY4 Tobacco by Mom and Pop, a more dry but gourmet tobacco without being too sweet. Changes to discover! Use: 5-8% Steeping: Give it a 2 or 3 weeks steep


  • A powerful Ry4 flavor
    En stock
    TFA RY4 Asian - An eccentric RY4 e juice recipe (11ml)

    A unique RY4, more full bodied, with a pronounced tobacco taste ending on a caramel touch Use: 10% Steeping: Give it a two weeks steep


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What kind of flavor is RY4?

Ry4 is e liquid tobacco recipe elaborated (in Ruyan chinese laboratories) a long time ago.
It is actually a smart blend of Virginia tobacco, vanilla and caramel flavors.

There are also variants integrating hazelnut.

You will find in this category the best flavors to make a perfect RY4 tobacco e liquid now classic of all manufacturers.

> Gourmet tobacco flavoring
> Tobacco super strength flavors


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