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TFA RY4 Double Flavor

The original Ry4 is a flavor created on a blond tobacco base embellished with caramel.

This Ry4 Double flavor is even more caramelized, with a hint of vanilla to round off the taste.
The result is a unique gourmet tobacco, very popular with diyers searching for a realistic vape

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TFA RY4 Double  - The Perfumer's Apprentice Flavors

  • Awesome tobacco caramel flavor

After finding out exactly how to use it, this flavor will quickly found itself in your ADV's !

This RY4 tobacco flavor brings more caramelized notes as the RY4 original.

Some palaces feel slightly fruity note but it is indeed a vanilla caramel tobacco flavor which can be used on its own or compliment gourmet tobacco recipe for electronic cigarette.

Others claim this flavor is in the line of Tribeca. Up to you !

* Tip: if you like caramel, a few drops added to this Ry4 will reinforce your tobacco e liquid. The same with a few drops of Acetyl Pyrazine

          → Perfumer's Apprentice dosage : 8-15%

Diy e liquid ry4 :

ry4 e liquid recipe

Caramel Tobacco (for 10ml) :

- PG/VG Nicotine Base
- RY4 Double : 10 drops
- Creamy Caramel : 6 drops
- Ethyl Maltol : 6 drops

Dropper-bottle 7ml - conditioned by Arom'Team

Composition : Artificial flavored, PG, water
Diacetyl free
Made in USA

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