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TFA Ethyl Maltol Sweetener

Ethyl maltol is a flavor enhancer.
It attenuates the dominant notes of the blends, thus rounding off the flavors.
Dosed in moderation, it fulfills its role without particular taste.

On its own, it delivers vaguely praline notes or a cotton candy taste

  • Avaibility : 7ml

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Ethyl Maltol Liquid - The Flavor Apprentice

  • An essential additive

Ethyl maltol helps to sweeten liquids while adding a subtle "candy taste" to the preparations.

It can be used as it is, providing a cotton candy aroma.

In combination with a "tobacco" preparation, it helps to modify a side that is too dry and round the flavors.

The use of ethyl maltol is multiple, it is an indispensable complement to make e liquids.

Dropper bottle 7ml - reconditioned

Made in USA

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