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TFA Ethyl Maltol - E liquid Additive (11ml)

Ethyl maltol is a flavor enhancer. It attenuates the dominant notes of the ecig blends, thus rounding off the flavors in diy e-liquids.
Dosed in moderation, it fulfills its role without particular taste.

On its own, it delivers praline notes

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Ethyl Maltol Flavor - The Flavor Apprentice Additive

Ethyl maltol, an essential e liquid additive

  • What is ethyl maltol ?

Ethyl maltol is an organic compound very often used in confectionery.
Its appearance is close to sugar but with a particular fragrance, reminiscent of cooked fruits or caramel.

  • What is the use of ethyl maltol in e liquid diy ?

Ethyl maltol helps to sweeten ejuice while adding a subtle "candy taste" to the ecig preparations.

It can be used as it is, providing a taste of cotton candy.

In combination with tobacco blends, it helps to modify dry side and round flavoring.

The use of ethyl-maltol is multiple, it is an indispensable additive to make a satisfying e liquid for electronic cigarette.

  • How is ethyl maltol Perfumer's Apprentice ?

5% of ethyl maltol crystals are diluted in propylene glycol.

  • How to dose ethyl maltol in your recipe ?

As with any additive, moderation is a must.
   - 1 drop for 5ml of liquid

For a cotton candy taste, a dosage of 10% is recommended.

  • Ethyl Maltol or sucralose ?

Ethyl maltol is very different from sweeteners, the sweeteners used in DIY.
Its function is not to sweeten a recipe but to round it up, highlight the flavors and harmonize them.

For its part, sucralose brings a sweet note to bland or acid flavors.

These two additives are therefore not in the same category even if ethyl maltol crystals resemble sugar.

ethyl maltol crystals

The Flavor Apprentice Ethyl Maltol Product details

  • Made in the USA
  • High quality food additive
  • Dropper bottle 11ml conditioned by Arom'Team

E liquid Additive

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