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TFA Ethyl Maltol Sweetener

Ethyl-maltol is a flavor enhancer. It attenuates the dominant notes of the ecig blends, thus rounding off the flavors in diy e-liquids.
Dosed in moderation, it fulfills its role without particular taste.

On its own, it delivers praline notes or cotton candy taste

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Ethyl Maltol Liquid - The Flavor Apprentice Additive

  • Ethyl-maltol, an essential e liquid additive

What is ethyl maltol ?

Ethyl maltol is an organic compound very often used in confectionery.
Its appearance is close to sugar but with a particular fragrance, reminiscent of cooked fruits or caramel.

What is the use of ethyl maltol in e liquid diy ?

Ethyl maltol helps to sweeten ejuice while adding a subtle "candy taste" to the ecig preparations.

It can be used as it is, providing a taste of cotton candy aroma.

In combination with tobacco blends, it helps to modify dry side and round flavoring.

The use of ethyl-maltol is multiple, it is an indispensable additive to make a satisfying e liquid for electronic cigarette.

How is ethyl maltol Perfumer's Apprentice ?

5% of ethyl maltol sugar is diluted in propylene glycol.

How to dose ethyl maltol in your recipe ?

As with any additive, moderation is a must.
   - 1 drop for 5ml of liquid

For a cotton candy e liquid, a dosage of 10% is recommended.

Dropper bottle 7ml conditioned by Arom'Team

High quality food additives made in USA

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