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Mint vs Menthol vape 

There are over 600 types of mint, each with a similar or specific taste.

In this large family, we find applemint, peppermint, basil mint, spearmint, pennyroyal mint, pineapple mint, chocolate mint...

wild mint

In the ecigarette DIY, menthol concentrate is prized for its freshness of course but also for the effect of the mint felt in the back of the throat that is called "hit" or "throat hit", a contraction of the throat well known by smokers.

Appreciable for its fresh flavor, mint also makes sense in vape juice recipes, combining its characteristic taste with fruits, creams, chocolate and even tobacco.

Frozen freshness, menthol flavours, mint e liquid for a simple refreshing effect in a peppermint menthol vape.

You will find in this category the best menthol vape juice at the best price, spearmint and chorophyll offered by Arom-Team to tickle your taste buds with the best mint vape liquid !

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