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Cuban Cigar E liquid

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  • A fine cigar with chocolate notes
    Best Seller - In stock
    Cohiba Cigars by CF - Cohiba cigar e liquid (11ml)
    CF - 1509

    Cohiba cigars are mild and delivers a spicy scent. This aroma brings this specific taste with a chocolate note to reduce its dryness Use: 3% Steeping: Give it a 4 to 6 weeks steep and more


  • A rich and complex cigar flavor
    Best Seller - In stock
    Cigar by CF - Cigar E liquid Concentrate (11ml)
    CF - 1502

    A cigar flavor bringing a very nuanced, complex taste, with a touch of discrete chocolate to lessen its dryness. Use an electronic cigar and a real tobacco e juice! Use: 2-3% Steeping: Give it a 3-4 weeks steep


  • The rich flavor of cuban cigar
    En stock
    TFA Cubano flavor - Cigar Flavor E liquid (11ml)

    Cubano is a very powerful and aromatic cigar tobacco flavor cuban type that makes exceedingly realistic e liquid! Use: 5% Steeping: Give it a two or three weeks steep


  • A rich cigar flavor with a hint of coffee
    Out of stock
    Cubana by CF - Cuban Cigars (11ml)
    CF - 1517

    A rich cuban cigar concentrate with a hint of coffee Use: 3% Steeping: Give it a 3 to 6 weeks steep


  • A fine cigar flavor with cherry
    Cigar Cherry by CF - Shisha Cigar (11ml)
    CF - 1511

    A smooth blend of cherry tobacco flavoring near very mild cuban cigars! Use: 3% Steeping: Give it 2-3 weeks steep


  • A cigar tobacco flavor with light chocolate
    Max Blend by CF - Cigarette E liquid Flavor (11ml)
    CF - 1531

    Maxblend is a tobacco flavor with subtle notes, close to cigarette and containing tobacco absolute and extract for an intense tobacco vape juice Use: 3% Steeping: Give it a 2 or 3 weeks steep


  • A sweet and pleasant cigar tobacco flavor
    En stock
    TFA Mild Black - Cigarillos Flavor (11ml)

    This mild black TFA is a sweet and dark tobacco flavor, like a pipe tobacco or a light cigar, very aromatic. This is not a gourmet tobacco because it is rather dry. It takes its full meaning in tobacco recipes, being an effective base. Use: 8-10% Steeping: Give it a 2 or 3 weeks steep


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Cigar Flavored Vape Juice

e cigar

There is a wide variety of cigars, from different origins and very varied tastes. Powerful or discrete flavors, sweet and fine flavors, there is something for everyone, cuban cigar, havana cigar, cohiba cigar, cigarillos...

Cigar fans appreciate varied tastes of earth, wood, spices, flowers or fruits.

The subtlety of these flavors make the cigar a very original and aromatic tobacco product.

Brought back to the electronic cigar, it is obvious that this particular taste remains inimitable.
But there are nevertheless many cigar flavors approaching its nuances in tobacco, chocolate, coffee, caramel, nut and vanilla blends.

You will find in this category the best e cig liquid flavors to make your cigar flavored e juice without bringing back to burned tobacco.

> Pipe tobacco
> American tobacco flavor
> Gourmet tobacco


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