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Unflavoured vape juice

Which VG PG base to choose for your e liquid?

e liquid base

Vegetable glycerine produces consistent vapor clouds.
Propylene glycol favors the "hit", the contraction of the throat.

To make a balanced electronic cigarette liquid, it is advisable to adopt a 50 50 or 70 30 PG VG ratio of your e liquid base to obtain a liquid at the same time great for the perception of throat hit and producing a sufficient volume of steam.

If you want more steam production, then you will choose vegetable glycerin for a thick e liquid.
The discreet vapers will look for propylene glycol.

Different ratios are proposed in terms of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin to adapt to the taste of each.

Some vapers appreciate 100 PG e liquid or VG base but, it must be said, the vast majority is oriented towards a propylene glycol-glycerine mixture to obtain a less irritating vape juice while being as efficient.

We opted for Revolute brand bases. So you have the best unflavoured e-liquid base, USP grade, made in France, not containing nicotine and allowing you to compose your 0mg vape juice.
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