PG VG Base Revolute - 115 or 275ml

Revolute Revolute

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  • VG PG blend - Propylene Glycol and vegetable glycerin e liquid base to make your e cig liquid

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  • Base without nicotine - Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin 50/50 - 115 or 275ml

    What does this PG VG base contain?

    The Revolute PG/VG base is an equal blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

    It can collect flavors or concentrate as well as nicotine to make an electronic cigarette eliquid.

    What is 50/50 base?

    The 50 50 base is the most used blend in vape. It presents undeniable advantages for the vaper.

    Indeed, each ingredient brings its specificities.

    What is pg and vg ?

    - Propylene glycol or PG:

    •  is known to cause a throat hit, contraction of the throat
    • is more liquid than glycerin
    • is a good vector for flavors

    - Vegetable glycerin or VG:

    • is known to produce a denser vapor
    • is less thick when diluted in PG
    • sweetens the flavors

    Associated with each other, this PG VG - propylene glycol vegetable glycerine blend in equal parts is the most popular ratio.

    • Note that this neutral base is also useful for a 0 nicotine e juice if wished

    How to make e juice in 5 minutes

    making diy e juice

    Base Revolute 50/50

    • USP base, nicotine free
    • Revolute bases do not contain water or alcohol.
    • 115 or 275ml bottle with safety cap and dropper.
    • Origin: France

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    Client vérifié

    50 PG 50 VG Base Revolute - 115ml

    Une base 50/50 Revolute 115ml j'ai retiré 37ml mis 6 gouttes de nicotine pur.
    Bob Passion - Arôme : 11ml
    Saveur LorAnn - Crème de Banane - Arôme : 11ml
    Au final 100ml de juice a 20%
    et je suis déjà satisfait du résultat, plus qu'à attendre le steep pour assurer un rendu optimal :)

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    Client vérifié


    produit nickel..en plus maintenant en 275 ml...c'est encore mieux

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    je suis très satisfait des

    je suis très satisfait des arômes de la rapidité de la livraison ainsi que du suivi

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    Client vérifié

    Très bien


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    Client vérifié


    Que du bon ;o)

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    Client vérifié

    Très bonne base

    Très bonne base

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