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  • Vape E juice Base - Vegetable Glycerin (glycerol) Revolute to make a 100 VG juice

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100 VG E juice - Revolute DIY Base

  • What is vegetable glycerin?

Vegetable glycerin is an organic compound, a major ingredient in most marketable e-liquids and home-made liquids.

  • What is the use of vegetable glycerin?

A little thick, colorless and odorless but with a vaguely sweet taste, vegetable glycerin is often used when the vaper feels a particular sensitivity to propylene glycol.

There are now many 100% VG e liquids but you should know that a high ratio of glycerin tends to lower the flavors.
It is therefore necessary to slightly increase the recommended dosage of flavors to offset this impact.

Vegetable glycerin also called vegetable glycerol or VG can collect your flavors, concentrates and nicotine to make an electronic cigarette VG juice.

* Note that glycerine also allows you to make a liquid without nicotine

Combined with a flavor without PG , this base allows you to create an electronic cigarette liquid without propylene glycol.

100 VG Liquid

  • 100% VG without nicotine, USP grade
  • Revolute bases do not contain water or alcohol.
  • 115ml bottle with safety cap and dropper.
  • Origin: France

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