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Vape juice flavor list

How much flavoring to add to ejuice ?

How long should I steep my homemade vape juice ?

Most of the flavors offered on this site are food grade but their use now also applies to e cigs and DiY e liquid.

If for any culinary use a precise dosage is required for each recipe, it is the same for electronic cigarette e-liquid.
Find here the vape flavors list with the flavor percentage recommandations and steeping time to create your juice easily.

A detail will still remain inaccurate despite our indications.
This is your own perception and sometimes even the actual state of your taste buds after years of smoking that will require you to modulate dosages over time.
A factor that should not be neglected.

best vape flavors

  • How to use food flavoring ?

E liquid flavoring is in fact food flavoring that can be used normally, whether it is incorporated in desserts, to flavor creams or yogurts, to create ice creams or sorbets or simply to make cocktails or simple drinks.

Manufacturers advise to add one or two drops to any preparation and then adjust according to the desired rendering.
No prior dilution is necessary.

The following listing of specific brands and dosages is for vaping.
We emphasize that it is dangerous to use food flavorings available in traditional trade, they are not suitable for vaporizing and may contain harmful substances in inhalation.

  • Vape Flavor List

ecig flavours list

Vape Juice Flavors List

  • Capella Flavor Percentage

Capella Flavor Drops are amazing e-juice flavors but require a precise dosage when they are gourmet or associated with a complex recipe.

You will find below the popular vape flavoring available on this site as well as the dosage and steep time recommended for a delicious ejuice recipe.

capella flavor percentage chart

Capella Flavor Percentage Chart

         Capella flavour
Percent  How to steep e-juice
Abricot8-10%A few days
Toasted Almond5-10%1 week minimum
Anise10-12%A few days
Banana Split8-10% 48h - 1 week
Banana15%A few days
Bavarian Cream5-8%1-2 weeks
Bubble Gum12%1 week minimum
Butter Cream5-10%1 week minimum
Cake Batter5-10%1 week minimum
Cantaloupe5-10%A few days
Apple Pie10-12%1 week minimum
Blue Raspberry6-12%1 week minimum
Blueberry Cinnamon10-15%1 week minimum
Boston Cream10-15%1 week minimum
Chocolate Coconut15%1 week minimum
Chocolate Glazed10%1 week minimum
Cinnamon Coffee10%1 week minimum
Concord Grape10%A few days
Dutch Chocolate10-12%1 week minimum
EggNog10%1 week minimum
Energy Drink15%8-10 days
French Toast5-10%1 week minimum
Hot Cinnamon5%1 week minimum
Hot Cocoa12%1 week minimum
Irish Cream10-12%1-2 weeks
Juicy Lemon5-7%A few days
Juicy Peach10-15%A few days
Lemon Lime10%A few days
Lemon Meringue Pie10-12%2 weeks minimum
Coconut10-15%A few days
Peaches and Cream10-15%2 weeks minimum
Peanut Butter10-15%1 weeks minimum
Pink Lemonade10%A few days
Pumpkin Pie Spice5%A few days
Strawberries and Cream10-15%2 weeks minimum
Sugar Cookie10-15%1 week minimum
Sweet Tangerine10-15%A few days
Cappuccino10%1 week minimum
Caramel8%1-2 weeks
Cereal 2710-15%1 week minimum
Churro10%2 weeks minimum
Cinnamon Danish Swirl10%1-2 weeks
Cola10-15%2 - 7 days
Concombre5-8%A few days
Cool Mint8-10%A few days
Cup of Joe5-8%1 week minimum
Double Apple10-15%A few days
Double Chocolate8-10%1 week minimum
Double Watermelon10-15%A few days
Figue15%A few days
Kiwi Strawberry15%A few days
Raspberry10-12%A few days
French Vanilla15%2 weeks minimum
Gingerbread10-15%1 week minimum
Golden Pineapple15%A few days
Golden Butter5-10%2 weeks minimum
Graham Cracker10%1 week minimum
Greek Yogurt5-8%1 week minimum
Grenadine15%A few days
Honey5%1 week minimum
Horchata10-15%1 week minimum
Italian Lemon Sicily5-7%A few days
Juicy Orange10-15%A few days
Marshmallow15%1 week minimum
New York Cheesecake10-15%2 weeks minimum
Hazelnut10%1 week minimum
Grapefruit10%A few days
Passion Fruit8-10%A few days
Peppermint10-12%A few days
Pina Colada10%3 days minimum
Pear10-15%A few days
Green Apple10-15%A few days
Popcorn10-15%4-5 days
Pralines and Cream10-12%2 weeks minimum
Simply Vanilla10%2 weeks minimum
Sweet Cream10-15%1 week minimum
Sweet Guava10%A few days
Sweet Lychee10%1-5 days
Sweet Mango10-15%1-5 days
Sweet Strawberry10-12%A few days
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream10-15%2 weeks minimum
Vanilla Cupcake10-15%2 weeks minimum
Vanilla Custard v210%1 week minimum
Vanilla Custard v110%1 week minimum
Vanilla Whipped Cream5-10%2 weeks minimum
Waffle10%1-2 weeks
Yellow Peach10-12%A few days
Chocolate Fudge Brownie5-8%2 weeks minimum
Original Blend3-8%2 weeks minimum
Bold Burley Tobacco
4-8%2 weeks minimum
Smokey Tobacco5-8%2 weeks minimum
Dragon Fruit5-10%A few days

  • Flavor West concentrates

Even if popular, Flavor West flavorings are often poorly evaluated because the recommended dosages are evasive.

Below you will find the optimized dosages and steeping time of all the Flavor West liquid flavoring available in our shop to make your DIY vape juice with complete peace of mind.

This vape juice flavours evaluation is most often based on the experience of our customers, ours and customer reviews posted on Arom-Team.

flavor west recipes

Flavor West percentages - steeping vape juice

Kool Effects3-10%A few days
5555-10%2-3 weeks
Absinthe12%1-2 weeks
Ankara Tobacco3-5%2-3 weeks
Banana Nut Bread10-15%2 weeks minimum
Bavarian Cream10-15%2 weeks minimum
Black Licorice5-10%1 week minimum
Blue Ice5-10%A few days
Caramel Candy10-12%2 weeks minimum
Cinnamon Roll10%2 weeks minimum
Coconut Cream Pie10%2 weeks minimum
Cotton Candy2-5%1 week minimum
Creamy Coconut5-10%A few days
Doublemint10%A few days
Dulce de Leche10%1-2 weeks
Ecto Cooler10-12%2 weeks minimum
Extreme Ice5-10%A few days
Fire & Ice10-15%1-2 weeks
Blood Orange10%A few days
Brown Sugar8-10%1 week minimum
Tres Leches10%2 weeks minimum
Green Apple10%A few days
Honey5%1 week minimum
Honeywood Tobacco2-5%2-3 weeks
Honeydew10-15%A few days
Iced Tea10-15%2 weeks minimum
Jamaican Rum8-10%2 weeks minimum
Jungle Juice10-12%2 weeks minimum
Kiwi8-10%A few days
Lemonade10%A few days
Madagascar Vanilla10%2 weeks minimum
Margarita10-15%1 week minimum
Menthol10-15%A few days
Milk5-10%1 week minimum
Mojito10-12%1 week minimum
Macadamia12%1 week minimum
Peach Tobacco8%2-3 weeks
Pecan10%1 week minimum
Pistachio12%1 week minimum
Tropical Punch15%1 week minimum
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream12%2 weeks minimum
Vanilla Tobacco2-5%2-3 weeks
Whipped Cream5%2 weeks minimum
Wintergreen5%A few days
Yogurt10%1 week minimum
Hazelnut5-8%1 week minimum
Blueberry5-10%A few days
Rum5-8%2 weeks minimum
Butterscotch5-10%2 weeks minimum
Salted Caramel5-10%2 weeks minimum
Fig3-8%A few days
Eggnog3-5%1 week minimum
Candy Cane2-4%A few days

  • How much to use LorAnn Oils Flavor an steeping e juice ?

LorAnn Oils flavors have a reputation for powerful aromas and many natural flavors.
To obtain a balanced eliquid, the dosage must be adjusted precisely.

Below you will find the dosages and steeping time of the LorAnn e juice flavours available in our shop.

Note that the flavors have been carefully selected by us because LorAnn flavors are primarily food grade.
The manufacturer has adapted part of its range for vaping, thus ensuring e-juice flavoring free of substances potentially irritating or harmful to the respiratory tract.

LorAnn Oils recipes

LorAnn Oils Flavors

Almond5-10%1-2 weeks
Banana10-12%A few days
Cherry10-15%A few days
Chocolate10-12%2 weeks minimum
Cotton Candy10-15%1 week minimum
Banana Cream10-15%2 weeks minimum
Creamy Caramel10%2 weeks minimum
Creme de Menthe5-10%A few days
English Toffee10-12%1 week minimum
Raspberry10-12%A few days
Pomegranate8-10%A few days
Red Licorice10-15%1-2 weeks
Cinnamon Roll10-12%1-2 weeks
Blackberry10-12%1 week minimum
Blueberry10-12%1 week minimum
Peach10-15%A few days
Apple10-15%A few days
Praline10-15%2 weeks minimum
Plum10-15%A few days
Maple10-15%1 week minimum
Toffee10-15%1 week minimum
Tutti Frutti10%A few days
Vanilla Butternut5-7%1 week minimum

  • TFA flavor percentage and how to steep vape juice

The Flavor Apprentice
, Perfumer's Apprentice vape juice flavoring is popular and well known to electronic cigarette users.

Below you will find optimized dosages and steeping time for a successful ejuice. These The Flavor Apprentice percentages recommandations are most often from the vaping diyers themselves.

The Flavor Apprentice percentages

TFA flavor percentages

Banana Nut Bread10-12%2 weeks minimum
Black Honey5%2-3 weeks
Caramel Cappuccino1%2-3 weeks
Caramel Original4-8%2 weeks minimum
Champagne10-15%1 week minimum
Cherry Blossom5-15%1 week minimum
Cubano5%2-3 weeks
DK Tobacco5-10%2-3 weeks
Flue Cured8-15%2 weeks minimum
Fruit Circles5-8%1 week minimum
Hpno10%1-2 weeks
M Type Premium2-4%2 weeks minimum
Mary Jane8-15%2 weeks minimum
Mild Black8-10%2 weeks minimum
Orange Cream6%1 week minimum
Red Type Blend v110%2 weeks minimum
Red Type Blend v210-15%2 weeks minimum
Ry4 Asian10%2 weeks minimum
Ry4 Double8-15%2 weeks minimum
Tobacco5-10%2 weeks minimum
Vanilla Bean gelato10-15%2 weeks minimum
Western Blend 8-15%8-15%1-2 weeks

  • How to use Mom and Pops concentrated flavor and how to steep ejuice ?

Mom and Pop Vapor Shop e juice flavoring is very fine for perfect gourmet e liquids or delicious tobacco e-juice.

But the manufacturer, although friendly, offers a uniform dosage of 20% largely overvalued for a balanced rendering.

Below you will find the dosages and steeping time of the Mom and Pop flavors recommended by Arom-Team based on our experience and that of our customers.

Mom and Pop concentrate dosing

Mom & Pops E juice Concentrate

Grasshopper8-10%2 weeks minimum
American Blend5-8%2-3 weeks
Banana Maze5-10%2 weeks minimum
Bananas Foster5-10%1 week minimum
Coffee Cream5-8%1 week minimum
Caramel5-8%2 weeks minimum
10 Forty5-8%2-3 weeks
Blueberry Cheesecake5-10%2 weeks minimum
Calipitter Chow5-10%2 weeks minimum
Deja Vu5-8%2-3 weeks
French Lace5-10%2 weeks minimum
Pchela's Famous 5 Layer5-10%2 weeks minimum
Pchela's Poison5-10%2 weeks minimum
Strawberry Milkshake8-10%2 weeks minimum
Strawberry Cheesecake8%1-3 weeks
Raspberry Tart8%1-3 weeks
TNT Tobacco5-8%3-4 weeks
Tobacco Dolce5-8%3-4 weeks
Tobacco Haze5-8%2-3 weeks
Tobacco Praze5-8%2-3 weeks
Yum5-10%2 weeks minimum
Cream pie10%2 weeks minimum
Dragon Fruit5-10%A few days
French Vanilla5-10%2 weeks minimum
Go Nutz !5-10%2 weeks minimum
Honey Tobacco5-8%3-4 weeks
Indulgence5-8%2 weeks minimum
Keswick Koffee8%1 week minimum
Kewl Kiwi10%A few days
Key Lime5-10%1-2 weeks
Black Cherry Dream5-10%A few days
Blue Ridge Mist5-10%1 week minimum
Blueberry Falcon5-10%1-2 weeks
Bud's Blend5-8%2-3 weeks
Citrus Cream10%1-2 weeks
Dragon Tobacco8-10%2-3 weeks
Mechunk Mix10%A few days
Mixed Berry8-10%A few days
Newtella8-10%2 weeks minimum
Orange Cream10%1 week minimum
P-Nut Butter Cup8-10%1 week minimum
Ry4 Tobacco5-10%2 weeks minimum
Scuba's Orange10%1 week minimum
Sweet Jo5-8%1 week minimum
That Coconut Stuff5-10%1 week minimum
Tropical Smoothie5-10%A few days
Virginia Fire Cured5-8%2-3 weeks
Paradise Delight5-8%A few days
Watermelon10%A few days
RY0 Tobacco5-8%2-3 weeks
Ry4 Tobacco v25-8%2-3 weeks
Shredded Hawaiian8-10%1 week minimum
Vanilla Cream5-8%2 weeks minimum

  • How to use Super Strength Flavor and how to steep e liquid ?

As the name suggests, this tobacco e-juice flavouring is highly concentrated flavorings. 

. In fact, their dosage must be strictly respected to produce an amazing vape juice.

We do not indicate steeping time for each tobacco flavoring for e-liquid because for this range, a rest period of 3 to 4 weeks and more is really necessary for the vape flavorings to develop fully.

These super concentrated flavors allow you to make a high quality tobacco e-liquid at a very low cost.

They are also very realistic, really approaching the tobacco taste, be it cigarette, cigar or pipe.

Some are simple tobacco e juice flavoring, others are complex tobacco concentrated e juice, thus offering the simplicity of a gourmet tobacco recipe in a few drops added to a base.

super strength concentrate dosing

555 Express3%
7 Wolves3%
American Red Tobacco3%
Black Tobacco2,5%
Black & Mild2,5%
Cigar Cherry2,5%
French Pipe2,5%
Mild Seven2,5%
Old Captain2,5%
Djarum S3%
Flue Cured2,5%
Max blend3%
Seven Stars3%
Tobacco Blend2%
USA Mix3%

  • Flavourart dosage and how to steep eliquid

Flavour Art flavorings that we propose on this site are ultra concentrated.
A precise dosage is therefore indicated to perceive all their nuances and subtleties.

This Italian manufacturer has nothing to prove in terms of quality; Flavourart concentrates are among the most famous in the world of the e-cigarette.

Flavour art concentrate dosing

Flavourart recipes

Coco5%A few days
Aurora2-3%1 week minimum
Cocoon2-3%1-2 weeks
Creme Brulee5-10%2 weeks minimum
Eclipse2-3%2 weeks minimum
Euphoria2-3%2-3 weeks
Glory2-3%2-3 weeks
Joy1-2%2 weeks minimum
Labyrinth2-3%2 weeks minimum
Metaphor2-3%2 weeks minimum
Monsoon2-3%1 week minimum
Morning Sun2-3%2 weeks minimum
Storm2-3%2-3 weeks
Up 2-3%2 weeks minimum
Wow2-3%2 weeks minimum
Nonna's Cake2-5%2 weeks minimum
Nougat Torrone5-10%1 week minimum
Papaya5-6%A few days
Tahiti Vanilla3%1 week minimum
Vienna Cream1-2%1 week minimum

E juice flavor concentrate

  • How to use Vape Institut DiY vapor flavoring ?

These Vape Institut e liquid flavoring concentrate are designed by a cook and his fine palate does not betray.
They make e-liquids of quality, with harmonious and original tastes.

Unlike DIY flavors, vape flavor concentrate makes e liquids by simply adding a few drops to a neutral base, the recipe is already created.

vape institut concentrate dosing

Evolv15%2 weeks minimum
L'Original15%2 weeks minimum
Mallok15%2 weeks minimum
Skull15%2 weeks minimum
Tallak15%2 weeks minimum
Venum15%2 weeks minimum

  • How to use High End Revolute DiY e liquid flavouring ?

Revolute is a french reference in the universe of the vape.
Well known for its PG VG bases or its nicotine booster, it also produces ejuice flavoring and vape concentrate.

Under the name High End, Vape or DiY or Revolute, these delicious aromas are always a guarantee of quality.

High End Concentrate dosing

Battle of Pop's10-12%2 weeks minimum
Greedy Scrach
10-15%1-2 weeks
Projet Ame Ame10-15%2 weeks minimum
Projet Lenny10-15%48h to 1 month
Snap Pear10%2 weeks minimum
The Pti Dej10%2 weeks minimum
Umami8-10%A few days
Absolum5-10%2 weeks minimum
MawLee8%0 to 1 week
MawLon8%0 to 1 week
MawGic8%1 week minimum
Glitch10%2 weeks minimum
Qahua10%2 weeks minimum
Fasataq10%2 weeks minimum

  • How to use Vampire Vape DiY e liquid flavorings ?

Vampire Vape Concentrate Flavors come from an English manufacturer.

They are widely acclaimed for their originality and the simplicity of an e-liquid designed in seconds, the time to add a few drops to a neutral base to obtain a complex e-juice.

Vampire Vape concentrate dosing

Vampire Vape Flavour Concentrates

Heisenberg15%2-3 days
Pinkman15%2-3 days
Tropical Island15%2-3 days

  • How to use T Juice Concentrate DiY vape flavoring ?

These british T-Juice vape juice concentrate are famous for their originality.

They allow to create a liquid in minutes, simply adding the indicated dosage to a nicotine base to obtain an elaborate DIY e juice.

T-Juice concentrate dosing

Colonel Custard15%1 week minimum
Red Astaire15%3-7 days

SOLANA eliquid flavoring

Guanabana 10- 15% 2-3 weeks minimum
  • K-Boom concentrated flavoring for e juice

K-Boom liquid concentrates come from a German manufacturer.
They are widely acclaimed for their fine recipes and the simplicity of an e-liquid designed in seconds.

concentré k-boom

Apple Muffin3-4%1 week
Boomilk4-7%1 week
Citrus Bottermelk4-7%1 week
Creamy Cookie5-8%1 week
Dads Memorial4-7%1 week
Fresh Pepaco7-10%1 week
Hardman5%1 week
  • Nom Nomz flavoring for vape juice

Nom Nomz vape concentrate is of Irish origin. They propose products composed by a passionate of the vape, Richard, specialist of the creamy and custard recipes.
nom nomz concentrés
Fried Custard15%2 weeks minimum
Monkey Brek15%2 weeks minimum
Nutter Custard15%2 weeks minimum
Salted Indulgence15%2 weeks minimum
  • Cloud's of Lolo e liquid flavoring concentrate

Cloud's of Lolo e liquid flavor concentrates are French.
This range offers aromas composed by an enthusiast of the vape, Lolo, specialist of amazing gourmet recipes.

diy or vap - cloud's of lolo
Aloha15%1 week minimum
Treize XIII15%1 month minimum
Dragon Spell15%2 weeks minimum
Fataliityx15%1 week minimum
Gaufrette Vanille15%2 weeks minimum
Gaufrette Fraise Mûres15%2 weeks minimum
Hekla15%1 month minimum
Onena15%2 weeks minimum
Sortilège15%2 weeks minimum

Enjoy your DiY e-juice recipes !

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