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E-Liquid Flavor Dosage Guide

Achieving the perfect balance of flavors in your e-liquid recipe relies on precise aroma dosage and proper maturation time.
The combination of these essential steps is the key to a successful DIY e-liquid creation.
Whether you're using Capella, LorAnn, Flavor West, Mom and Pop, or other flavor brands, mastering their dosage is crucial.

DIY E-Liquid Aroma Dosage

At Arom Team, we offer a variety of food-grade flavors that are now also suitable for e-cigarettes. Just as precismeasurements are vital for culinary purposes, the same applies to e-liquid concoctions.

Presenting an e-liquid flavor dosage chart alongside recommended steeping durations, simplifying the process of crafting your own e-liquid.

However, one aspect will always remain somewhat uncertain despite our guidelines. Your personal perception, and at times, the actual condition of your taste buds after years of smoking, might necessitate adjustments to the dosages over time – a factor not to be overlooked.

temps de maturation e liquide

DIY Aroma Percentage

  • How to Properly Measure Food Flavors?

DIY flavors designed for electronic cigarettes are essentially food-grade aromas that can be used in various culinary applications. These flavors can be added to desserts, used to enhance creams or yogurts, create ice creams or sorbets, or simply craft cocktails and refreshing beverages.

Manufacturers recommend starting with one or two drops in any preparation and then adjusting according to the desired outcome.

No prior dilution is necessary.

The following DIY flavor chart, specifying brands and precise percentages, is tailored for electronic cigarette e-liquids.

We want to emphasize that using food flavors from traditional retail is hazardous, as they are not suitable for vaporization and may contain harmful substances when inhaled.

  • DIY Aroma Chart

dosage arome diy

DIY E-Liquid Dosage and Steeping Chart

DIY Aroma Flavor Chart

  • Utilizing Capella Flavors

Familiar to electronic cigarette enthusiasts, Capella Flavors Drops require precise dosage, especially when used in indulgent blends or intricate DIY e-liquid recipes.

Below, you'll discover a comprehensive list of available flavors on this website, along with recommended dosage and steeping times to achieve their optimal taste.

recettes capella

Dosage aroma - Capella

Apricot 8-10% a few days
Toasted Almond
5-10% 1 week minimum
Anis 10-12% a few days
Banana Split 8-10% 1 week minimum
Banana 15% a few days
Bavarian Cream 5-8% 1-2 weeks
Bubble Gum 12% 1 week minimum
Butter Cream 5-10% 1 week minimum
Cake Batter 5-10% 1 week minimum
Cantaloupe 5-10% a few days
Apple Pie 10-12% 1 week minimum
Blue Raspberry 6-12% week minimum
Blueberry Cinnamon 10-15% week minimum
Boston Cream 10-15% week minimum
Chocolate Coconut 15% week minimum
Chocolate Glazed 10% week minimum
Cinnamon Coffee 10% week minimum
Concord Grape 10% a few days
Dutch Chocolate 10-12% week minimum
EggNog 10% week minimum
Energy Drink 15% 8-10 days
French Toast 5-10% week minimum
Hot Cinnamon 5% week minimum
Hot Cocoa 12% week minimum
Irish Cream 10-12% 1-2 weeks
Juicy Lemon 5-7% a few days
Juicy Peach 10-15% a few days
Lemon Lime 10% a few days
Lemon Meringue Pie 10-12% weeks minimum
Coconut 10-15% a few days
Peaches and Cream 10-15% weeks minimum
Peanut Butter 10-15% week minimum
Pink Lemonade 10% a few days
Pumpkin Pie Spice 5% a few days
Strawberries and Cream 10-15% weeks minimum
Sugar Cookie 10-15% 1 week minimum
Sweet Tangerine 10-15% a few days
Cappuccino 10% week minimum
Caramel 8% 1-2 weeks
Cereal 27 10-15% week minimum
Churro 10% 2 weeks minimum
Cinnamon Danish Swirl 10% 1-2 weeks
Cola 10-15% 2 - 7 days
Concombre 5-8% a few days
Cool Mint 8-10% a few days
Cup of Joe 5-8% week minimum
Double Apple 10-15% a few days
Double Chocolate 8-10% 1week minimum
Double Watermelon 10-15% a few days
Fig 15% a few days
Kiwi Strawberry
15% a few days
Raspberry 10-12% a few days
French Vanilla 15% 2 weeks minimum
Gingerbread 10-15% week minimum
Golden Pineapple
15% a few days
Golden Butter 5-10% weeks minimum
Graham Cracker 10% week minimum
Greek Yogurt 5-8% week minimum
Grenadine 15% a few days
Honey 5% week minimum
Horchata 10-15% week minimum
Italian Lemon Sicily 5-7% a few days
Juicy Orange 10-15% a few days
Marshmallow 15% week minimum
New York Cheesecake 10-15% 2 weeks minimum
Hazelnut 10% week minimum
Grapefruit 10% a few days
Passion Fruit 8-10% a few days
Peppermint 10-12% a few days
Pina Colada 10% 3 days minimum
Pear 10-15% a few days
Green Apple
10-15% a few days
Popcorn 10-15% 4-5 days
Pralines and Cream 10-12% 2 weeks minimum
Simply Vanilla 10% 2 weeks minimum
Sweet Cream 10-15% week minimum
Sweet Guava 10% a few days
Sweet Lychee 10% 1-5 days
Sweet Mango 10-15% 1-5 days
Sweet Strawberry 10-12% a few days
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 10-15% 2 weeks minimum
Vanilla Cupcake 10-15% 2 weeks minimum
Vanilla Custard v2 10% week minimum
Vanilla Custard v1 10% week minimum
Vanilla Whipped Cream 5-10% 2 weeks minimum
Waffle 10% 1-2 weeks
Yellow Peach 10-12% a few days
Chocolate Fudge Brownie
5-8% 2 weeks minimum
Original Blend 3-8% 2 weeks minimum
Bold Burley Tobacco 4-8% 2 weeks minimum
Smokey Tobacco 4-8% 2 weeks minimum
Dragon fruit 5-10% a few days

Interested in Crafting with Capella Flavors

  • How to Properly Measure Flavor West Flavors

Flavor West aromas, hailing from the United States, are often underestimated due to their vague recommended dosages and limited manufacturer guidance.

Below, you'll discover the optimized dosages and recommended steeping times for Flavor West aromas available in our store.

These assessments are primarily derived from the collective experiences of our valued customers, our own expert evaluations, and the insightful customer reviews submitted to AromTeam.

With this valuable information at your disposal, you can confidently navigate the world of Flavor West aromas and craft e-liquid creations that truly shine.

dosage arome Flavor West

Dosage DiY Flavors - Flavor West

Kool Effects 3-10% a few days
555 5-10% 2-3 weeks
Absinthe 12% 1-2 weeks
Ankara Tobacco 3-5% 2-3 weeks
Banana Nut Bread 10-15% 2 weeks minimum
Bavarian Cream 10-15% 2 weeks minimum
Black Licorice 5-10% week minimum
Blue Ice 5-10% a few days
Caramel Candy 10-12% 2 weeks minimum
Cinnamon Roll 10% 2 weeks minimum
Coconut Cream Pie 10% 2 weeks minimum
Cotton Candy 2-5% week minimum
Creamy Coconut 5-10% a few days
Doublemint 10% a few days
Dulce de Leche 10% 1-2 weeks
Ecto Cooler 10-12% 2 weeks minimum
Extreme Ice 5-10% a few days
Fire & Ice 10-15% 1-2 weeks
Blood Orange 10% a few days
Brown Sugar 8-10% week minimum
Tres Leches 10% 2 weeks minimum
Green Apple 10% a few days
Honey 5% week minimum
Honeywood Tobacco 2-5% 2-3 weeks
Honeydew 10-15% a few days
Iced Tea 10-15% 2 weeks minimum
Jamaican Rum 8-10% 2 weeks minimum
Jungle Juice 10-12% 2 weeks minimum
Kiwi 8-10% a few days
Lemonade 10% a few days
Madagascar Vanilla 10% 2 weeks minimum
Margarita 10-15% week minimum
Menthol 10-15% a few days
Milk 5-10% week minimum
Mojito 10-12% week minimum
Macadamia 12% week minimum
Peach Tobacco 8% 2-3 weeks
Pecan 10% week minimum
Pistachio 12% week minimum
Tropical Punch 15% week minimum
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 12% 2 weeks minimum
Vanilla Tobacco 2-5% 2-3 weeks
Whipped Cream 5% 2 weeks minimum
Wintergreen 5% a few days
Yogurt 10% week minimum
Hazelnut 5-8% week minimum
Blueberry 5-10% a few days
Butterscotch 5-10% 2 weeks minimum
Rum 5-8% 2 weeks minimum
Salted Caramel
5-10% week minimum
Fig 3-8% a few days
Eggnog 3-5% week minimum
Candy Cane 2-4% a few days

Exploring DiY Flavor West Flavors?

  • How to Measure LorAnn Oils Flavor?

LorAnn Oils flavors have gained a reputation for being potent and, in many cases, possessing a natural essence. To achieve a harmoniously balanced DiY e-liquid, it's essential to carefully calibrate their dosage.

Listed below are the recommended dosages and steeping times for the LorAnn flavors available in our store.

It's important to highlight that our flavor selection process has been meticulous, as LorAnn flavors are fundamentally intended for culinary purposes.

The manufacturer has adjusted a portion of their range to cater to electronic cigarette e-liquids, ensuring products that are free from potentially irritating or harmful substances for the respiratory tract.

LorAnn Oils dosage

E liquid flavors DiY - LorAnn Oils

Almond 5-10% 1-2 weeks
Banana 10-12% a few days
Cherry 10-15% a few days
Chocolate 10-12% 2 weeks minimum
Cotton Candy 10-15% week minimum
Banana Cream 10-15% 2 weeks minimum
Caramel Cream
10% 2 weeks minimum
Crème de Menthe 5-10% a few days
English Toffee 10-12% week minimum
Raspberry 10-12% a few days
Pomegranate 8-10% a few days
Red Licorice 10-15% 1-2 weeks
Cinnamon Roll 10-12% 1-2 weeks
Blackberry 10-12% week minimum
Blueberry 10-12% week minimum
Peach 10-15% a few days
Apple 10-15% a few days
Praline 10-15% 2 weeks minimum
Plum 10-15% a few days
Maple 10-15% week minimum
Toffee 10-15% week minimum
Tutti Frutti 10% a few days
Vanilla Butternut 5-7% week minimum

Searching for LorAnn Oils Flavors?

  • How to Measure Perfumer's Apprentice Flavors?

Dosing Guidelines for Perfumer's Apprentice Aromas

The Perfumer's Apprentice, also known as The Flavor Apprentice, is a well-known manufacturer of DiY flavors within the electronic cigarette community.

Listed below are the optimized dosages and recommended steeping times to create a successful e-liquid.

These guidelines are predominantly based on insights and experiences shared by fellow DIY enthusiasts.

Flavor Apprentice dosage

DiY dosage flavor - Perfumer's Apprentice

Banana Nut Bread 10-12% 2 weeks minimum
Black Honey 5% 2-3 weeks
Caramel Cappuccino 1% 2-3 weeks
Caramel Original 4-8% 2 weeks minimum
Champagne 10-15% week minimum
Cherry Blossom 5-15% week minimum
Cubano 5% 2-3 weeks
DK Tobacco 5-10% 2-3 weeks
Flue Cured 8-15% 2 weeks minimum
Fruit Circles 5-8% 1 week minimum
Hpno 10% 1-2 weeks
M Type Premium 2-4% 2 weeks minimum
Mary Jane 8-15% 2 weeks minimum
Mild Black 8-10% 2 sweeks minimum
Orange Cream 6% week minimum
Red Type Blend
10% 2 weeks minimum
Red Type Blend v2 10-15% 2 weeks minimum
Ry4 Asian 10% 2 weeks minimum
Ry4 Double 8-15% 2 weeks minimum
Tobacco 5-10% 2 weeks minimum
Vanilla Bean gelato 10-15% 2 weeks minimum
Western Blend
8-15% 1-2 weeks

  • How to Measure Mom and Pop Flavors?

Precise Dosage for Mom and Pop Aromas

Mom and Pop flavors are renowned for their intricate profiles, creating both indulgent dessert e-liquids and astonishingly authentic tobacco blends that rival the most famous.

However, despite their friendly approach, the manufacturer suggests a uniform 20% dosage which is notably excessive for a well-balanced result.

Listed below are the recommended dosages and steeping times for Mom and Pop flavors as advocated by Arom Team. These recommendations are derived from our extensive experience in the world of DiY, combined with insights from our valued clientele.

Mom and Pop arome

Mom & Pop : DiY Flavor Concentrate

After 8-10% 2 weeks minimum
American Blend 5-10% 2-3 weeks
Banana Maze 10% 2 weeks minimum
Bananas Foster 5-10% week minimum
Coffee Cream
5-8% week minimum
Caramel 5-8% 2 weeks minimum
10 Forty 5-8% 2-3 weeks
Blueberry Cheesecake 5-10% 2 weeks minimum
Calipitter Chow 5-10% 2 weeks minimum
Déjà Vu 5-8% 2-3 weeks
French Lace 5-10% 2 weeks minimum
Pchela's Famous 5 Layer 5-10% 2 weeks minimum
Pchela's Poison 5-10% 2 weeks minimum
Strawberry Milkshake 8-10% 2 weeks minimum
Strawberry Tart
8% 1-3 weeks
Raspberry Tart
8% 1-3 weeks
TNT Tobacco 5-8% 3-4 weeks
Tobacco Dolce 5-8% 3-4 weeks
Tobacco Haze 5-8% 2-3 weeks
Tobacco Praze
5-8% 2-3 weeks
Yum 5-10% 2 weeks minimum
Cream pie 10% 2 weeks minimum
Dragon Fruit 5-10% a few days
French Vanilla 5-10% 2 weeks minimum
Go Nutz ! 5-10% 2 weeks minimum
Honey Tobacco 5-8% 3-4 weeks
Indulgence 5-8% 2 weeks minimum
Keswick Koffee 8% 1 week minimum
Kewl Kiwi 10% a few days
Key Lime 5-10% 1-2 weeks
Black Cherry Dream 5-10% a few days
Blue Ridge Mist 5-10% week minimum
Blueberry Falcon 5-10% 1-2 weeks
Bud's Blend 5-8% 2-3 weeks
Citrus Cream 10% 1-2 weeks
Dragon Tobacco 5-8% 2-3 weeks
Mechunk Mix 5-10% a few days
Mixed Berry 8-10% a few days
Newtella 8-10% 2 weeks minimum
Orange Cream 10% week minimum
P-Nut Butter Cup 8-10% week minimum
Ry4 Tobacco 5-8% 2 weeks minimum
Scuba's Orange 10% week minimum
Sweet Jo 5-8% week minimum
That Coconut Stuff 5-10% week minimum
Tropical Smoothie 5-10% a few days
Virginia Fire Cured 5-8% 2-3 weeks
Paradise Delight 5-8% a few days
Pastèque 10-15% a few days
RY0 Tobacco 5-8% 2-3 weeks
Ry4 Tobacco v2 5-8% 2-3 weeks
Shredded Hawaiian 8-10% week minimum
Vanilla Cream 5-10% 2 weeks minimum

  • How to Measure Super Concentrated Flavors?

As the name suggests, these flavors are super concentrated, particularly in the tobacco category. Therefore, adhering to precise dosages is crucial to avoid creating a disappointing DiY liquid.

We don't provide specific steeping times for each flavor in this range. Generally, a resting period of 3 to 4 weeks, or even longer, is necessary for the flavors to fully develop.

These super concentrated flavors enable the creation of premium tobacco e-liquids at an extremely cost-effective rate.

Furthermore, they boast an incredibly authentic quality, closely resembling the tobacco taste that has been missed, be it cigarette, cigar, or pipe.

While some are simple tobacco flavors, others are intricate concentrated tobacco blends, providing the ease of crafting a gourmet tobacco recipe with just a few drops added to a base.

Arômes Super Concentrés dosage
DiY e liquid board

555 Express 3%
7 Wolves 3%
American Red Tobacco 3%
Black Tobacco 2,5%
Burley 3%
Cigar 2,5%
Cohiba 3%
Black & Mild 2,5%
Cigar Cherry 2,5%
French Pipe 2,5%
Mild Seven 2,5%
Mintic 5%
Old Captain 2,5%
ORQ 3%
Parliament 2,5%
Shisha 2,5%
Cubana 2,5%
Flue Cured 2,5%
Latakia 2,5%
Max blend 3%
Newport 2,5%
Ry4 2,5%
Seven Stars 3%
Tobacco Blend 2%
Turkish 3%
Tuscan 2,5%
USA Mix 3%

  • Flavour Art dosage

The Flavour Art concentrates are highly concentrated.

Therefore, precise dosing is recommended to fully experience their nuances and subtleties.

This Italian manufacturer has established itself as a leader in terms of quality; Flavour Art's concentrated DiY aroma is among the most renowned in the world of DiY e-cigarettes.

dosage Flavour Art

Dosage Flavour Art flavors

Coconut 5% a few days
Aurora 2-3% 1 week minimum
Cocoon 2-3% 1-2 weeks
Crème Brulée 5-10% 2 weeks minimum
Eclipse 2-3% 2 weeks minimum
Euphoria 2-3% 2-3 weeks
Glory 2-3% 2-3 weeks
Joy 1-2% 2 weeks minimum
Labyrinth 2-3% 2 weeks minimum
Metaphor 2-3% 2 weeks minimum
Monsoon 2-3% week minimum
Morning Sun 2-3% 2 weeks minimum
Storm 2-3% 2-3 weeks
Up 2-3% 2 weeks minimum
Wow 2-3% 2 weeks minimum
Nonna's Cake 2-5% 2 weeks minimum
Nougat Torrone 5-10% week minimum
Papaye 5-6% a few days
Tahiti Vanilla 3% week minimum
Vienna Cream 1-2% week minimum

Dosing Concentrated E-Liquid Aromas

  • How to Measure Vape Institut Concentrates?

The Vape Institut concentrated flavors are crafted by a chef whose refined palate speaks for itself.

These concentrates yield high-quality e-liquids with harmonious and unique flavors.

Unlike regular DIY flavors, concentrated formulas allow you to create an e-liquid recipe by simply adding a few drops to a neutral base.

Concentrés Vape Institut

Dosage DiY

Evolv 15% 2 weeks minimum
L'Original 15% 2 weeks minimum
Mallok 15% 2 weeks minimum
Skull 15% 2 weeks minimum
Tallak 15% 2 weeks minimum
Venum 15% 2 weeks minimum

  • How to Measure High End Revolute Concentrates?

Dosing Premium Concentrated Flavors

Revolute is a renowned name in the vaping industry.

Recognized for its PG VG bases and nicotine boosters, the brand also offers a range of e-cigarette flavors and concentrates.

Whether labeled as High End, Vape or DiY, or simply Revolute, these e-liquid flavors are consistently synonymous with quality.

dosage Arômes High End Revolute

Revolute concentrate dosage

Battle of Pop's 10-12% 2 weeks minimum
Greedy Scrach 10-15% 1-2 weeks
Projet Ame Ame 10-15% 2 weeks minimum
Projet Lenny 10-15% 48h - 1 month
Snap Pear 10% 2 weeks minimum
The Pti Dej
10% 2 weeks minimum
Umami 8-10% a few days
Absolum 5-10% 2 weeks minimum
MawLee 8% 0 à 1 week
MawLon 8% 0 à 1 week
MawGic 8% week minimum
Glitch 10% 2 weeks minimum
Qahua 10% 2 weeks minimum
Fasataq 10% 2 weeks minimum

  • How to Measure Vampire Vape Concentrates?

Dosing Concentrated Flavors

Vampire Vape concentrated flavors originate from a UK-based manufacturer.

They are widely celebrated for their refined uniqueness and the ease with which a DiY recipe can be created in a matter of seconds, simply by adding a few drops to a neutral base.

Flavor dosage table

Heisenberg 15% 2-3 days
Pinkman 15% 2-3 days
Tropical Island 15% 2-3 days

  • How to Measure DIY T-Juice Concentrates?

T-Juice, the English concentrated flavors, are renowned for their uniqueness.

They enable the creation of a recipe within minutes, simply by adding the indicated dosage to a nicotine base.

dosage Arômes T-Juice

DiY dosage

Colonel Custard 15% 1 week minimum
Red Astaire 15% 3-7 days

How to measure a SOLANA concentrate?

DiY e-liquid dosage

Guanabana 10 15% 2 à 3 weeks

  • How to measure a K-Boom concentrate?

K-Boom Concentrated Flavors - Dosing and Excellence

K-Boom concentrated flavors are created by a German manufacturer.

Renowned for their sophisticated recipes, they offer the simplicity of crafting a delightful recipe in mere seconds.

concentré k-boom

Tableau DiY liquide

Apple Muffin 3-4% 1 week
Boomilk 4-7% 1 week
Citrus Bottermelk 4-7% 1 week
Creamy Cookie 5-8% 1 week
Dads Memorial 4-7% 1 week
Fresh Pepaco 7-10% 1 week
Hardman 5% 1 week

  • How to measure a Nom Nomz concentrate?

Nom Nomz Concentrated Flavors - Crafted with Passion

Hailing from Ireland, Nom Nomz concentrates are the brainchild of Richard, a vaping enthusiast and an expert in creamy and custard DiY recipes.

Their origins and the dedication behind their creation make Nom Nomz a prominent choice for flavor enthusiasts.

nom nomz concentrés
Vape Flavor DiY dosage
Fried Custard 15% 2 weeks minimum
Monkey Brek 15% weeks minimum
Nutter Custard 15% weeks minimum
Salted Indulgence 15% weeks minimum

  • CHow to measure Cloud's of Lolo concentrates?

Cloud's of Lolo concentrates are proudly French in origin.

Crafted by a vaping enthusiast named Lolo, these concentrates offer a range of e-liquid flavors known for their unique gourmet recipes.

Experience the essence of French vaping excellence with Cloud's of Lolo concentrates.

diy or vap - cloud's of lolo
E-cig Vape Concentrate

Aloha 15% week minimum
Treize XIII 15% 1 month minimum
Dragon Spell 15% weeks minimum
Fataliityx 15% 1 week minimum
Gaufrette Vanille 15% 2 weeks minimum
Gaufrette Fraise Mûres 15% weeks minimum
Hekla 15% 1 month minimum
Onena 15% weeks minimum
Sortilège 15% weeks minimum

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